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Parents work double time to make the holidays magical for their children. As such, presents for them often take second place. That’s why it’s a great idea to consider thoughtful, helpful gifts for them as the holiday season begins. These 10 gadgets fit that bill and will bring smiles to their faces.

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1. iPad Pro: $799

The iPad Pro is a powerhouse of a tablet that comes with face ID, fast performance and other cutting-edge features. Customers can add an Apple stylus and smart keyboard to create a robust, versatile computer.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9: $999

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a smartphone with both style and a stylus. This high-end smartphone features SmartThings for controlling Samsung TVs, as well as a large battery, a giant screen, solid speakers and a fingerprint reader.

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3. Canary Flex: $199

The $199 Canary Flex is a wireless security camera that can stream footage to parents who are on the go. Additionally, its Canary Talk utility allows users to communicate with whomever they’re viewing through the lens.

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4. Roomba i7: $949

This Roomba i7 is every parent’s dream — it can clean the house and then clean up after itself. Its base station both charges and cleans the Roomba every time it docks. Users can control this little fellow with its companion app, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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5. Jaybird Freedom 2: $149

Jaybird Freedom 2 headphones make a thoughtful gift. They come with multiple sizes of earbuds and an eight-hour battery. Plus, they can survive a turn in the wash in case anyone forgets to check pockets on laundry day.

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6. Polk Command Bar: $299

The Polk Command Bar combines a smart speaker with a sub-woofer, making it a great gift for parents who value versatility. Users can listen to movies, radio or music on the device. They can also leverage the Polk’s built-in Echo Dot to tap into both Amazon music and Alexa.

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7. Skullcandy Venue Headphones: $179

These wireless headphones connect to smart assistants, can answer calls and excel at canceling noise. Skullcandy Venue headphones are a win for any parent who wants to unwind or have a mini-spa day. The Venue gets bonus points for coming standard with a Tile tracker, making finding misplaced headphones as easy as checking your smartphone.

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8. Withings/Nokia Steel HR Sport: $199

The Withings Steel HR Sport is a hybrid smartwatch that can read smartphone notifications and track fitness programs. Whether it’s swimming, yoga or golf, the watch can track almost any exercise that your parent engages in.

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9. Google Home Hub: $149

The Google Home Hub is a smart speaker that comes with a 7-inch touchscreen. This means that your parent(s) can both talk to the Google Assistant and use the device like a tablet. The Hub can also connect to other smart devices and be used as a digital picture frame.

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10. Anki Vector

Anki Vector is a fun, adorable robot that’s packed with facial recognition and voice commands. It’s part digital pet and part smart home helper. You can use the Vector to pull up weather and search for information — it’ll also receive Alexa integration in December. What parent wouldn’t enjoy having this little assistant putt around their busy household?

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