Hate Tom Brady? You won’t after this story


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You either love or hate Tom Brady. There’s no middle ground. Or there wasn’t until now.

See, Tom and some of his teammates did a pretty cool thing and now it’s kinda hard to not like him, even if it’s just a little.

Here’s how it went down:

It was after a typical day and a typical sportsball practice at Notre Dame Preparatory School & Marist Academy in Pontiac, Michigan, when VinnyTartaglia, of the freshman basketball team was tasked with setting up a group text for all of the players.

Everything was going to plan until he entered the last phone number.

The last number entered was off by one digit. Just one little digit that,  against astronomical odds, connected the boys to one of the most momentous moments of their lives.

As soon as that group text went out, the team members got a text back from someone they believed was another player. It was another player, just not one from their team, their school or even their sport.

That person texted them back asking if they had meant to add his number to the group text. Things quickly turned amazing when the mysterious player told them exactly who he was, because — and this is BIG — it was none other than Sean Murphy-Bunting. If that name doesn’t mean anything to you, he’s a famous NFL player and a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But, the boys didn’t believe it.

So Murphy-Bunting FaceTimed them — for what their counselor P. Jason Whalen said when he tweeted about the incident was roughly 10 minutes. And what a 10 minutes…

After speaking to the boys, Murphy-Bunting handed the phone off to running back Leonard Fournette who took the boys on a walk around the locker room and introduced them to the team, including Mike Evans and Rob Gronkowski and finally …. the GOAT himself.

That’s right. Tom Brady popped onto the screen with a loud “What’s up, fellas?”

The boys lost their collective minds.

So, tell me again….how can I hate Tom Brady?

Simple. I can’t. And I bet you can’t, either.