Is it cold where you live? Bet it isn’t this cold …


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Much of North America is frigid right now. But has it been cold enough to snap freeze your spaghetti?

Well, it has at Mt. Washington Observatory.

Located in the White Mountains in Northern New Hampshire, Mt. Washington actually has some of the worst weather in the world, but this winter it has been exceptionally cold. Temperatures on Mt. Washington average 21.7F, but this year the average temp has been a mind-blowing 12F, with a recent dip to -31F, which is exactly what led to the the right set of circumstances to cause the phenomena we see in this amazing video.

See, there was a guy working the overnight shift at the Observatory, and as the sun came up he was thinking of only one thing: he wanted some of that delicious leftover spaghetti from the night before. So he grabs his breakfast spaghetti (Yes, I know it’s weird. That’s not the point of this. Focus!) and heads OUTSIDE (see, that’s the part I don’t get) to find a sweet little spot out of the breeze — the 65mph breeze. Find a spot he did and he settled in to enjoy his repast.

Before he could get his fork to his mouth, though, the spaghetti froze. It froze solid. Became a Spaghetti-cicle. Of course he posted the picture he took and it went viral nearly as fast as spaghetti freezes at -31F.

Want more fun with food freezing fast? Check out Minnesota Cold on YouTube. They freeze all sorts of things, not just food, and did spaghetti a couple of years ago.