Joan Rivers taking down this CNN host is just so satisfying


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Joan Rivers had quite a mouth on her and many of us loved her for it. There was never any doubt about how she was feeling. It was all right there, in her mouth, and then coming at your face with breakneck speed.

Just ask CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield who had the opportunity to interview Rivers back in 2014. It did not go well.

Everything started out amicably as these things always do. Whitfield complimented Rivers on her many successes, calling her a “trailblazer” and praising her career achievements

But then Whitfield began pushing the comedian a bit, as journalists do, asking some pointed questions and making observations more suited to a gotcha piece than a puff piece on Rivers’ new book.

And when Whitfield commented that Rivers had brought along some shock value by wearing fur on her book cover photo, things got hot, with Rivers asking Whitfield if she was wearing leather shoes and advising her to “shut up!” in that case. But she did not. Oh, no she didn’t. And that’s when the interview went off the rails.

Check it out for yourself in this compilation video of celeb’s clapping back at their not-so-polite interviewers. You might start watching for Joan Rivers, but you’ll want to stick around for Dakota Johnson as well! It’s good…