Judge says she wishes she could jail elderly cancer patient over $100 property violation


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Wow….have you heard about this?

It seems that in January of this year a gentleman named Burhan Chowdhury appeared before Judge Alexis Krot of Michigan’s 31st District Court and she let him have it. With both barrels.

She told him he should be ashamed of himself. Told him that if she could she would give him jail time. Twice. Lamented that she could not!

Of course your question now is, “Jeez….what did this hardened criminal do??”

I’ll tell you, but you will not be happy. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

It turns out Mr. Chowdhury … (drum roll, please) … did not clear his front yard of the very high weeds growing there.

Mr. Chowdhury is 72, has cancer, and was undergoing chemotherapy. He attempted to explain, struggling for each ragged breath and looking obviously ill, that he has taken care of the home since moving in, but going through chemotherapy had been very difficult for him physically and left him weak and unsteady on his feet. In other words, in absolutely no position to do yard work.

No, his front yard did not look great. His son Shibbir accompanied his father to court and attempted to explain that he usually does the yard work, but was out of the country. Judge Krot was unmoved.

But a week later, her apology quietly hit the internet.

In that apology, Judge Krot said that she acted “intemperately.” She was embarrassed by her behavior and apologized to “the person who appeared before her.” She did not mention Mr Chowdhury’s name at all. You can get all the details of the story here, and read about Judge Krot’s apology here.