This Australian bar has kangaroo customers and a few bouncers, too


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Kangaroos are absolutely the most adorable animal that will punch you to death.

It’s an established and agreed upon fact, so you most certainly do not want to start any trouble when you visit the John Forrest Tavern.  Tucked away in the John Forrest National park near Perth in Western Australia, this little pub has something no other tavern can claim, and they are why you want to be nice at this particular establishment.

They’ve got Kangaroo customers and even bouncers, although there is at least one ‘roo who constantly insists he’d make a better bartender than bouncer.

Obviously, this is all in good fun. I mean, kangaroos don’t even pay taxes. Not yet, anyway. It’s all based on the adorable video below from Katelyn Hutton, an absolutely human employee at the tavern who started filming the kangaroo klatch in the fall of 2021 and posting the videos to Tik Tok (she’s got a bunch! Check them all out at @cardqueenkatie).

The rest, as they never really say, is the stuff of kangaroo hilarity.

But it’s not just the kangaroo mob (that really is what you call a bunch of kangaroos!) that makes the videos so great. It’s Hutton herself.

She treats the ‘roos like employees, chiding them for coming through the bar, shaming their work ethic and lack of prehensile thumbs and more. Be sure to look for Matt and Richard (yes, kangaroos named Matt and Richard). They seem to be the leaders and chief work shirkers of this ragtag crew.

We’re glad Hutton has taken the fun and humor of her daily life and shared it with the world, and we think you will totally want to be a part of it. So start planning your trip to John Forrest National Park now because that’s the only place you’ll get to see this show.

But until you’re ready to hop on that 17-hour flight from LA, check out this clip from Hutton’s TikTok of “Matt” trying to move up to bartender at the pub.

@cardqueenkatie Matt is a little worried about his new job. #kangaroo #wildlife #straya #barlife ♬ original sound – Katie