Your life may really flash before your eyes when you die


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People have said it for years, “My whole life flashed before my eyes.” It’s an age-old cliché in works of literature, movies and poetry used to describe a close shave with death.

Now, research has revealed tantalizing clues suggesting the phrase may be more than just poetic hyperbole.

According to a recent research article, an 87-year-old epilepsy patient had been admitted to a hospital emergency department following a fall that resulted in a brain bleed. While hooked up to an electroencephalography (EEG), the patient had a heart attack and passed away. The scan revealed the dying man’s brain replayed memories in the seconds before and after his heart stopped beating.

The patient’s brain waves reportedly changed during the last 30 seconds of life and the first 30 seconds after death. Different types of brain waves began cross-coupling, including alpha and gamma waves, which are associated with cognitive processes and memory recall. The waves continued to interact after the patient was officially dead.

This activity led scientists to support the “recall of life theory.”

Fascinating, huh?

Of course, this was an isolated event, and the results of one person do not qualify as a scientific breakthrough. Nevertheless, this discovery is breathtaking in its potential to unlock the secrets of death.

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