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Months after releasing a line of spicy ketchups and Hot 57 Sauce, Heinz is launching another new product — this time for those who are looking for a bit more tang in their ketchup.

New Heinz Pickle Ketchup blends the “tangy and savory flavor” of pickles with Heinz Ketchup for use as a topping on burgers and hot dogs or as a French fry dip. Use it anywhere you’d normally use ketchup!

The ketchup will hit store shelves nationwide in early 2024, giving you plenty of time to grab a bottle before summer cookout season.

Why pickles? Heinz points out ketchup and pickles “proudly sat side-by-side on burgers and hot dogs for over 150 years” and also notes that pickles are currently more popular than ever.

Pickles do indeed seem to be having a moment, as the new ketchup is just one of a handful of products launched within the last few years that include pickles in already well-known foods. We’ve seen the releases of everything from Mt. Olive pickle salsa to dill pickle-flavored hard seltzer and dill pickle-flavored Slim Jims.

Pickle condiments that came out in 2023 include a pickle-flavored hot sauce from Frank’s RedHot and Hidden Valley pickle-flavored ranch dressing.

Hidden Valley Pickle Ranch

Hidden Valley

The latest creation is Vlasic Frank’s RedHot Kosher Dill Pickles. Vlasic took its garlicky dill pickles and added Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce to the brine.

The pickles are in stores now in both spear and whole pickle versions. Serve alongside a meal or atop burgers and sandwiches.

jar of vlasic kosher dill pickles with frank's red hot sauce on black background


Some people are even creating their own pickle concoctions. You can try making chocolate-covered pickles with a recipe from Wide Open Country. Or, try the pickle cheesecake recipe from Delish and stir up some dill pickle vodka martinis from Rhubarbarians.

If you consider yourself pickle-obsessed, you’ll want to watch for this ketchup on store shelves!

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