Major Mistakes People Make After Middle Age


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Hitting the 50-year mark in one’s life is a milestone to feel good about. However, it’s also important to do everything you can to make sure that, when you turn 50 years old, you’re not failing to take actions that optimize the following years. Here are some of the major mistakes that people make after they hit middle age.

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1. Not Eating Enough Fiber

There are certain foods and nutrients that our body requires more of as we age. Fiber is absolutely one of these. This is due to the structural changes that occur over time with your large intestine. These changes can make you more vulnerable to dealing with constipation, colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and unhealthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Try to make a conscious and consistent effort to consume veggies, whole grains, and fruit.

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2. Failing To Plan for Your Future

Trends show that Americans are working later into their lives than ever before. In fact, a survey from Pew Charitable Trust revealed that 65% of Americans are planning to work past the age of 65. We’re all for anyone who has a passion to remain engaged in their career as long as they can, simply because they love it. However, a bit of tactical foresight can go a long way when it comes to looking after your future self. 

Take the time to consult a financial advisor, no matter how much you have saved in your bank account. Financial advisors are professionally trained to provide advice for folks in a variety of situations, and can help you map out your retirement plan.

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3. Spending Too Much Time by Yourself

We completely get it. By their nature, some folks are introverted and need time to recharge their social batteries. However, you can end up isolating yourself too much. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) actually declared that social isolation is its own major public health risk. When social isolation occurs for prolonged periods of time, the risks for dementia — along with other mental and physical health conditions such as depression, heart disease, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes — can go up. Do what you can to keep in touch with the friends you’ve made in your life, and even consider joining groups like your local book club to keep the time you spend alone at a healthy level.

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4. Forgetting To Wear Sunglasses

Your sunglasses aren’t just a handy fashion accessory. Doctors advise people to wear sunglasses all year round to shield their eyes from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. 

As you age, your eyelids and skin naturally get thinner, and are more easily impacted by UV rays. Your sunglasses can help protect your skin, along with your eye health, that much easier. You’ll also enjoy added benefits like a decreased risk for eye strain, wrinkles, cataracts, skin cancer, and macular degeneration.

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5. Delaying Colorectal Screenings

The risks of delaying this screening are absolutely never worth it. Medical experts state that adults aged 50 to 75 should all get screened for colorectal cancer. The test itself determines the presence of precancerous polyps, the primary culprit for colorectal cancer, which can be swiftly dealt with if they’re found in their early stages. Plus, due to the Affordable Care Act, colorectal screenings are considered a preventative service, and are free of charge for anyone between 50 and 75 years old with health insurance.

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6. Not Dealing With Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt can end up weighing down far too many people. Some folks try to get a handle on it sooner than later, while others simply can’t due to the financial troubles they find themselves in. You should make every effort to clean up your credit card debt as soon as humanly possible. Once you’ve cleared out your debts, you’ll have an easier time funding your actual retirement. 

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7. Avoiding Strength Training

Bones inevitably weaken as people get older. Take matters into your own hands, and make the effort to get yourself into your local gym semi-consistently. Even lifting small weights or using resistance bands can help your bones in a huge way. If you’re unsure of how to best navigate the weight room, many gyms will offer a free personal training session for new members.

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