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Just when you thought the stories about Donna Kelce couldn’t get any sweeter, she generously put her famous chocolate chip cookie recipe back in the headlines once again.

In an Oct. 6 interview with Today, Mama Kelce brought along a plate of her homemade chocolate chip cookies, much to the hosts’ delight. Even casual NFL fans know that Kelce’s cookies are iconic, with the proud mom making a batch for both of her sons before their teams faced off during Super Bowl 57.

You can tap into your inner mama bear by making the Kelce boys’ favorite chocolate chip cookies yourself.

The recipe, which can be found on the Today website, is not your standard chocolate chip cookie. It features the inclusion of cake flour and three sticks of sweet cream butter. Donna also activates her baking soda by letting it dissolve in hot water before adding it to the ingredients. Culinary experts agree that this is a handy trick for ensuring that your baking soda is evenly distributed throughout the batter and that it gives your cookies a higher rise and a pillowy-perfect bite.

Donna Kelce’s recipe also calls for a full tablespoon of vanilla extract, which gives a richness to your cookies that can’t be beat. And don’t forget to include the Ghirardelli milk chocolate and white chocolate chips! (Chopped pecans are optional because we know that nuts in chocolate chip cookies can be divisive!) Kelce finishes the recipe with a pinch of cinnamon.

In an on-field interview in February, Kelce also said that she lets the butter basically melt in the microwave. Letting the butter become almost liquid instead of just softened is her trick for creamier cookies. She also said that it is important to let the dough sit overnight in the fridge before baking it the next day. This is another trick approved by baking experts, who say that this allows the gluten in the flour to break down, giving you a softer bite and a finer texture.

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