Morgan Freeman’s voice on helium is the joy you need right now


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What has Morgan Freeman not done for the good of mankind?

Well, among other things, he hosted an online disaster relief auction for the American Red Cross, supported The Mississippi Animal Rescue League, wrote a celebrity cookbook with some really cool friends (hello, Tom Hanks and Alicia Keys) to benefit the victims of Hurricane Ivan, and the best God ever in a movie (although Alanis Morisette in “Dogma” is a very close second. And, of course, he narrated that penguin movie that made us all ugly cry! Sigh…he’s the best.

But has he ever inhaled helium and transformed that magical voice of his into something reminiscent of songs from Munchkin Land?

Oh, yes. He has. Not exactly willingly, but Jimmy Fallon’s coaxing when Freeman was a guest on The Tonight Show worked.

So, come sit on the circle rug, gather ’round the big old rocking chair ,and watch with me as the ever silly (and always dependable) Fallon gets “Easy Reader” himself to grab a red balloon with gusto and give us all a little much-needed brain candy.

Get your mental sugar rush here: