Mullet shoes let you wear the iconic haircut on your feet


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It’s a shoe! It’s an iconic haircut! It’s both!

So, ​​mullet haircuts are back (if they ever really left), but now some of them are attached to your footwear. They’re called mullet shoes — they’re high-top sneakers in the front, but they’re allll party in the back.

Maybe you think that sounds cool. But really, this high-top has a Joe Dirt thing going on, and boy is it, um….unique?

The long swath of synthetic hair attaches to the back of the high-top in such a way that when someone is walking toward you, you will say to yourself, “Well, look at this fellow in the serious white high-tops. What a solid young man!” But as soon as you pass,  everything changes. You’ll be left thinking something more like “Oh man! That’s no solid young man! That’s one cool dude!”

Now, if you’re intrigued but worried about keeping those flowing locks clean, have no fear! The synthetic hair is detachable and fully washable.

Designed by the Australian footwear brand Volley, the mullet shoe is the newest addition to the brand’s Heritage High collection. The quirky sneakers were actually designed for a good cause. Volley is collaborating with Black Dog Institute to sell the shoes, with 100% of the profits going to the nonprofit’s Mullets for Mental Health cause.

A pair costs $84.99 and features a white canvas upper, the original Volley rubber sole, removable Velcro hairpiece, and the iconic herringbone outsole. But supplies are limited, so get your name on the waitlist today!

While you are here, check this mullet haircut tutorial that will match your new shoes: