Newborns Dressed as Frogs for Leap Day Will Make Your Heart Jump for Joy


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Ready to make your heart literally leap this leap day? Take a look at these sweet babies that a hospital dressed up in frog outfits in honor of leap day 2024.

These froggy outfits quite appropriate, since people born on leap day are referred to as “leaplings,” and of course, frogs leap.

If you think being born on leap day is nothing to jump up and celebrate, you’d be incorrect. Today, Feb. 29, 2024, is a leap day, which occurs in the month of February every four years — meaning the next leap day won’t come around until Feb. 29, 2028.

Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System in Sarasota, Florida, shared photos of the unforgettable birthday outfits that two of its hospitals gave today’s newborns:

The hospital system has welcomed seven leap day babies so far, and it really is an extra special birthday. People born on leap day have the rarest birth date of all. According to Lamaze International, there’s a 1 in 1,461 chance of having a baby on leap day — and only about 5 million people worldwide share this unique birthday. Given the fact that there are 7.8 billion people on the planet, that makes up a very niche bunch!

Stateside, The New York Times reports that “362,900 Americans have a Feb. 29 birthday, according to the Social Security Administration.” That’s a very small sliver of the 341 million people who live in the U.S.

Fun fact you can tell a leap day birthday kid someday when their peers are making fun of them for celebrating their third birthday as a 12-year-old: Superman was born on leap day! That’s the ultimate flex.

But for now, enjoy these baby photos, since now you know how rare and precious they are. Franciscan Health in Indiana shared several adorable photos of the babies born at the hospital on Feb. 29.

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