Oreo offers limited-edition flavor to celebrate 110th birthday

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Oreo celebrated its 110th birthday by giving all of us a present!! C’mon!

(Ripping open gift-wrapped box excitedly…)

It’s Chocolate Confetti Cake Oreos!!

I’m so down with this! There are sprinkles on the inside and the outside, plus a yummy chocolate cake flavored cream centered smack-dab in the middle of the world’s most delicious sandwich.

This is not the first time Oreo has played with unique or limited-release cookie flavors.

They have previously released tummy rumbling flavors like Toffee Crunch, Ultimate Chocolate Cream and … Lady Gaga… (Dont worry! It’s vanilla flavored, really!). But their No 1-seller right now is Pokemon flavor, which it turns out is not so much a flavor as it is a regular Oreo with Pokemon characters stamped into the cookie (and people are nuts for them. One cookie featuring the super-rare Pokemon Mew is for sale on Ebay for $10,000.)

In the past, Oreo has released a ton of unique flavors: Swedish Fish, Firework, Wasabi, and, I swear this is true, Hot Chicken Wing. No! Don’t repeat the name! You will summon them! The flavor list goes on and on as the cookie that debuted in 1912 works to stay relevant…but also really fun!

Honestly, most of their flavors sound great (Waffle and Syrup Oreos and Kettle Corn Oreos?? Oh, yes please!). Some, though …well… do you want to eat a PEEPS flavored Oreo?? No. No one likes Peeps. It’s a trap.

But, we very much do like the sound of Chocolate Confetti Cake Oreos. I plan to eat a sleeve this evening, Cookie Monster style.

The new flavor is selling for $4.50 on Oreo’s website, but reports indicate the price of all Oreo flavors will be going up 6-7% starting this month. Yay, inflation!

Still, happy birthday, Oreo, even if we’re a little late to the party.