Prince v Michael Jackson: The supercut


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“Who would win in a fist fight between Michael Jackson and you?” the reporter asked Prince, eliciting a cascade of laughter from the musician.

Unless you lived under a rock during the ‘80s, ‘90s and a decent chunk of the early aughts, you might have noticed a little, shall we say, a little tension between the two musicians. A slight struggle for dominance? Perhaps. A battle between two giant egos? Likely. A whole lot of shade for the very shady among us to live on for YEARS? Oh, yes.

The oh, so shady, and deliciously hysterical video below comes from a dedicated Michael Jackson YouTube channel, and reveals the rivalry in all its gloriously petty detail. From Prince’s incredibly awkward “performance”… I suppose you’d call it ….after being called up on stage at a James Brown show (at Jackson’s insistence) in the early ‘80s, to Prince’s unique take on the lyrics of Jackson’s song Bad which was apparently originally meant to be a duet between the contentious two.

There’s great footage of both of the men discussing over the years their unique and complicated relationship..

Give yourself a smile and a hefty dose of nostalgia by checking it out.