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Sangria is a great summertime drink, but who says you can’t also drink this fruit-filled drink in the fall or winter? You can’t go wrong with wine and fruit, you just have to change up what fruits you’re using in the fall if you want to take advantage of what’s fresh and in season. Once you get that fall fruit and wine ratio just right, you’re sure to drink nothing but these seven sangria recipes all fall!

From flavors that just sound like fall or winter, like chocolate covered cherry and pumpkin, cinnamon and apple spice, these recipes offer up the very best ingredients to help this drink stay relevant for months to come.

Try out these recipes to get your wine on this fall:

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1. Sparkling Apple Sangria

Apples, wine and champagne all mixed together sounds like the perfect fall treat to me!

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2. Chocolate Covered Cherry Sangria

Red wine with notes of chocolate is the key ingredient to this recipe (plus a little chocolate vodka). That sounds too good to pass up.

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3. Orchard Sangria

Prunes, peaches and ginger beer are in this drink. Such an interesting combination. You’ve got to try it out!

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4. Apple And Pear Sangria

Using granny smith apples and pears, this is sure to be a fall favorite.

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5. Frozen Sangria

If berries aren’t ripe at the moment, why not use frozen berries and make yourself an alcoholic smoothie using this frozen sangria recipe? I can’t think of a good reason not to!

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6. Mulled Wine

This is basically sangria heated up. Something warm and delicious is just what you need for cooler weather.

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7. Pumpkin, Cinnamon and Apple Sangria

Apples, cranberries, pumpkin and cinnamon. Could this get any more perfect for fall?

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