Stop buying those ‘magic’ erasers & do this instead


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Do you love Magic Erasers? Of course you do! They scrub even some of the toughest stains away — from your walls, your floors, your countertops. They’re, well, magic.

But don’t buy them.

That’s right. Do. Not. Buy. Them.


Well, there’s a MUCH cheaper alternative. And by alternative, we mean, exactly the same product without a brand attached to it.

These little wonder sponges are very simply melamine foam. Melamine is a common organic compound that is used in all kinds of products like flame retardant materials, laminates, plywoods and insulation — even tableware.

Anyway, listen to the science teacher for more of the chemical details, but keep this in mind: Instead of paying $1 to $2 apiece for these little miracle sponges, you can buy them in bulk. Amazon sells 100 of them for around $25.

You’re welcome.