The 15 Best Loyalty Programs in 2024


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Fierce competition and evolving consumer preferences drive companies to realize the value of loyalty programs in fostering brand loyalty. Most firms have refined their programs to offer personalized rewards and exclusive experiences to cultivate lasting customer relationships. 

Here’s the lowdown on 15 of the best loyalty programs that have captured the hearts and minds of their patrons and set new benchmarks for customer-centricity in 2024. 

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Marriott Bonvoy

Marriott Bonvoy is a tiered reward program by Marriott International that lets guests earn and redeem loyalty points for staying at Marriott hotels. Guests earn a base rate of 10 points for every dollar spent on hotel stays and other qualified charges. There are five tiers—Silver Elite, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite, and Ambassador Elite—based on the length of hotel stays. Guests can redeem their points for free nights and travel discounts or use them to shop.

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Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program is a tiered loyalty program that rewards customers for purchases. Benefits range from loyalty points, exclusive discounts, free shipping, birthday gifts, and access to exclusive events. Customers earn 1 to 1.5 points for every dollar spent, and perks increase across the three tiers—Insider, VIB, and Rouge. The points are redeemable for rewards such as products, beauty, and deluxe samples.

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Bank of America Preferred Rewards

The Bank of America  Preferred Rewards program is a tiered loyalty program to reward customers with large balances in their BOA and Merrill Lynch accounts. There are five tiers-Gold, Platinum, Platinum Honors, and Diamond—based on account balances ranging from $20K to $10M. Benefits include credit card bonuses, cash back, premium rates on savings accounts, reduced banking fees, and lower interest rates.

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Hilton Honors

Hilton Honors is a tiered loyalty program by Hilton Worldwide that rewards guests staying in its over 7,000 properties globally. Perks vary across the four tiers—Member, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Guests earn 10 points per dollar spent on hotel stays, co-branded credit cards, Lyft rides, and dining. The loyalty points are redeemable for free nights, VIP event access, Amazon purchases, and airline transfers.

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World of Hyatt

World of Hyatt is a tiered, point-based reward program by Hyatt Hotels Corporation. It’s free to join and allows guests to earn points from hotel stays, co-branded credit cards, and eligible everyday spending. The benefits and perks increase across the four tiers—Member, Discoverist, Explorist, and Globalist. Guests can redeem points for free nights, room upgrades, exclusive access, or gourmet meals.

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The Nordy Club

The Nordy Club is a tiered loyalty rewards program by Nordstrom that incentivizes shoppers to buy from Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores. It offers two tiers—Member and Credit Card Member—and customers earn 1 to 3 points. Members earn status—Member, Influencer, and Ambassador—based on spending and a member’s status, unlocks varying benefits. They include free basic alterations, shopping priorities, lifestyle workshops, and in-home stylists.

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My Bath & Body Works Rewards

My Bath & Body Works Rewards is a point-based loyalty program that rewards shoppers for buying My Bath & Body Works products. Shoppers earn 10 points for every dollar they spend at the store and can redeem a free product worth $16.95 after spending $100. Other benefits include access to exclusive events, products, a birthday gift, and discounted purchases.

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Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that rewards frequent Amazon shoppers with diverse benefits. Core benefits of the $14.99 a month ($139 per year) service include free one- or two-day deliveries, discounted access to Prime Video and Music, early access to sales events, and Prime Wardrobe. Other perks include free grocery delivery and discounts from Whole Foods, a free Twitch subscription, and access to Amazon Family.

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Co-op Member Reward

Co-op Member Reward is a paid reward program by the REI Cooperative that enables outdoor enthusiasts to earn 10% cash back on eligible purchases every year. A $30 fee guarantees lifetime membership and unlocks benefits such as offers, bonus cards, and coupons. Members enjoy steep discounts and access to exclusive member events.

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Samsung Rewards

Samsung Rewards is a tiered loyalty program by Samsung that allows brand enthusiasts to earn points and redeem them for various rewards. Depending on the tier—Silver, Gold, and Platinum—shoppers earn 1 to 3 points per dollar spent on Samsung merchandise. The points are redeemable for Samsung products, Samsung Care+, and gift cards. Shoppers can unlock up to $1,000 in rewards via referrals.

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Banana Republic Rewards

Banana Republic Rewards is a point-based program that lets shoppers earn points when they shop from four brands—Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap, and Athleta. Customers gain a point for every dollar spent and get faster shipping and exclusive offers. Based on annual spending, the program offers three tiers—Core, Enthusiast, and Icon.

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Tillys Reward Program

Tillys Reward Program is also a point-based program letting shoppers earn points with their purchases. Customers earn a point for every dollar spent at their stores, website, or mobile app. Shoppers can redeem a dollar for every 30 points they accumulate, and those who complete their profiles get a birthday reward.

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True Fam Loyalty Program

True Fam is a tiered loyalty program by the True Religion clothing brand that rewards frequent shoppers with exclusive savings and perks. There are three tiers—Opening Act, Headliner, and Icon—based on customer spend. Shoppers earn 1 to 1.5 points for every dollar spent and get additional points for downloading the app, leaving video reviews, and following the brand’s social handles.

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DSW VIP is a tiered loyalty program by Designer Shoe Warehouse. The three tiers—VIP Club, VIP Gold, and VIP Elite—are based on customer spending and reward shoppers with 1-2 points for every dollar. Other perks include free shipping on every purchase, a $5 birthday gift, and free returns. Customers can redeem a dollar for 100 loyalty points.

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The Burlington Credit Card Program

The Burlington Credit Card Program rewards cardholders with a point for every dollar spent at Burlington, MJM, and Cohoes stores. Shoppers get a 10% discount on their first purchase with the card and can redeem $5 in rewards for every 100 loyalty points. 

From tailored rewards to personalized experiences, loyalty programs deliver diverse benefits that allow customers to get the best bang for their buck. Evidently, loyalty programs will continually evolve to accommodate changing customer needs.

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