The 5 best gadgets to up your coffee game

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For those of us who run on caffeine, a cup of coffee is an essential part of nearly every morning. The process of making coffee, usually done without much thought, can be elevated easily with a few smart devices. Whether you’re a coffee pot sort of drinker, or one who loves the art of the pourover, there are connected coffee products that can up your game, spruce up your kitchen, and get you that first morning cup of java a little faster.

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1. Ember

A coffee maker that connects to the internet is one thing. But how about your mug? The $79.95 Ember is a smart cup that works with the Ember app so you can select a temperature for your drink. You can pick between 120ºF and 145ºF — and the cup or travel mug (they make both) stays at that temperature, with the app sending an alert when it’s hit your setting. And yes, you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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2. Coffee in bed

Of course you can get someone to bring you coffee in bed, but it has to be made first. Behmor lets you start brewing your coffee before you get out of bed just by asking Alexa to begin brewing. 

You can use the Behmor app (for iOS and Android devices) to set the temperature of the water before it makes coffee in the $169.99 Behmor Brewer. Because the machine works with Alexa, it also links to Amazon’s Dash replenishment system to re-order your coffee beans when it senses you’re low on beans. Behmor is also working on a smart coffee roaster if you really want to have control over your coffee.

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3. Espresso only

If espresso is your thing, the Philips Saeco GranBaristo Avanti connects via app to a smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth. You get 18 different drink recipes — and can custom create your own, based on the temperature, strength and even how much milk you like. The app also helps you maintain your GranBaristo Avanti — and at $2,800 you’ll appreciate some help taking care of that investment.

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4. Measured to perfection

Pearl is a coffee scale that is sure to up the precision of your coffee game. The scale works alone, designed for a pour-over experience, weighing how much coffee you’re adding to your cup, and timing how long the coffee is being poured. But Acaia, which manufactures the $140 Pearl, also supports four different apps including Acaia Coffee which lets you record your coffee recipes — yes, we said recipes — to note how many grams of coffee you used, with how many grams of water, the type of coffee bean and the date you brewed. The app works with both iOS and Android.

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5. It’s all about the water

A great cup of coffee really (truly) needs to start with the best water you can find. That’s where the iKettle comes in, linking to the iOS and Android Smarter app that lets you start boiling water wherever you are. The electric kettle lets you create multiple settings, so you can quickly pick a wakeup mode or for when you’re home on a relaxing Sunday. You can also run the iKettle through your Google Assistant, an Amazon Alexa device or link it through an IFTTT recipe. You can buy the iKettle for about $140 through Amazon and Best Buy.

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