The Best (and Worst) Things About Adults-Only Resorts


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Are you looking to get away for a few days without having to worry about the kids? Adults-only resorts may be the answer. Offering everything from poolside lounging and romantic strolls to immersive dining experiences and lively nightlife options, these resorts cater to grown-ups looking to unplug, relax, and get away from their parental responsibilities for a bit. 

But are these resorts all they’re cut out to be? We’ve done a deep dive to help you decide. Here are some pros and cons of staying at adults-only resorts. 

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Pro: Peace and Quiet

Without children running around screaming, throwing tantrums, and causing a ruckus, adults-only resorts are generally quieter and more peaceful. This can provide a much better environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests can choose to indulge in a variety of activities such as spa treatments, yoga classes, or lounging poolside without interruptions. 

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Con: Limited Family Accessibility

While there’s no shortage of adults-only resorts in the U.S., those wishing to vacation with children cannot stay at these locales. This can limit options for family trips or gatherings that include minors — particularly during peak travel seasons or in popular locations where adults-only resorts might be the main lodging option. 

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Pro: Adult-Oriented Activities

These resorts often offer activities and entertainment tailored specifically for adults, such as wine tastings, cooking classes, adult sports leagues, and live music events. This means guests can engage in experiences that are of interest to them without the limitations that family-friendly activities may impose.

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Con: Potentially Higher Costs

Adults-only resorts can be more expensive than their family-friendly counterparts due to the specialized services, amenities, and exclusivity they offer. This can make them less accessible for those on a tight budget. While the price can vary significantly depending on the location, luxury level, and specific offerings of each resort, they will still be significantly pricier than, say, a Holiday Inn. 

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Pro: A Romantic Atmosphere

For couples, adults-only resorts create an intimate and romantic setting free from the distractions of kids. This makes it ideal for honeymoons, anniversaries, or simply reconnecting with a partner in a more private and romantic setting. Many of these resorts also offer all-inclusive packages that include all-you-can-eat buffets, drinks, and more — making them a one-stop shop for relaxation, fun, etc. 

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Con: Risk of Excessive Partying

Some adults-only resorts can have a focus on nightlife and partying, which might not be a good fit for those seeking a quiet, peaceful retreat. The absence of children at these locales can also mean a less family-oriented atmosphere, which might not appeal to those who enjoy spending quality time with the whole family. 

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Pro: Freedom and Spontaneity

While staying at these resorts, adults can enjoy the freedom to be spontaneous without having to worry about the kids. Whether it’s deciding to take a midnight swim, indulging in a bit more wine, or joining a late-night party, there’s a sense of liberty and excitement in planning the day without a child’s schedule in mind.

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Con: Homogeneity in Clientele

The demographic at adults-only resorts can be quite homogeneous — particularly in terms of age groups and interests. This can limit guests seeking a more dynamic and diverse social atmosphere. Since activities offered at these resorts may be more limited in scope, those who enjoy more family-oriented activities — such as board games, crafts, and water parks — may find the options at adults-only resorts lacking. 

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Pro: Meeting Like-Minded Individuals

Guests staying at adults-only resorts are likely to meet others with similar interests and hobbies. This can facilitate social interactions and help build new friendships based on shared interests. Plus, without noisy kids running around, guests can look forward to better quality sleep and rest, which is crucial for any good vacation. 

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Con: Overemphasis on Couples

Since the atmosphere at some adults-only resorts is heavily geared towards couples, this can make single guests or friends traveling together feel awkward or out of place. (Talk about a bad case of third-wheeling.) Some people even argue that the concept of adults-only resorts is discriminatory against families with children. 

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Pro: Sophisticated Dining and Drinking

Adults-only resorts often feature luxury dining options that use high-quality ingredients and flavors that cater to adult palates. This can also include the availability of fine wines and spirits. Imagine spending a fortune on things like caviar, truffles, and foie gras just to have your kid go, “Ew, I want chicken tenders.” 

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Con: Lack of Family Memories

Lastly, staying at an adults-only resort means missing out on creating cherished memories with the whole family. This could mean missing out on the joy of witnessing your children or grandchildren as they experience new activities, bonding moments that occur during shared family adventures, or the laughter and fun of doing group activities and taking family portraits. 

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