The Budweiser Clydesdale Herd Has an Adorable New Member


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The Budweiser Clydesdale herd has a new member, and he has made an adorable debut on social media.

Warm Springs Ranch, one of the homes of the iconic horses, shared the happy birth announcement on social media, along with a snap of the new arrival. We’re glad they shared the baby’s photo, because though the Clydesdales are returning to Super Bowl commercials this year, the new spots are unlikely to include this brand-new foal. But, with training, this little guy could be well on his way to his TV debut!

“You never know what lies ahead for these gentle giants,” Amy Trout, herd supervisor at Warm Springs Ranch, which is in Boonville, Missouri, said in a press statement to USA Today. “The foals are so much fun to see up close, and you never know – he might just end up on a Budweiser commercial in the future.”

“Our hearts are so FOAL,” Warm Springs Ranch shared on social media with a photo. “Meet our 2024 first round draft pick at the Ranch! Introducing our first foal of the season! We can’t wait for you to welcome this MVP to the herd.”

Warm Springs Ranch said the male colt, who has yet to be named, was recently delivered at the farm and is doing well, according to the press statement. He joins more than 70 other Clydesdale horses at the ranch.

The average newborn Clydesdale foal weighs anywhere between 110 to 180 pounds. In their first months, these babies can gain up to four pounds each day.

The new foal will make his first official appearance as a member of the herd at the Warm Springs Ranch Football and Foals Super Bowl LVII Watch Party on Sunday, Feb. 11. This ticketed event for people ages 21 and over opens the doors of Warm Springs Ranch for football fans who want an up-close look at the Clydesdale herd, including any other new foals born before the big game.

Each $100 ticket includes appetizers, dinner and two 16-ounce beers. You’ll also get a Clydesdale photo op, a history talk from a Warm Springs Ranch tour guide, a hat and a coolie.

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