The Dirty snowman cocktail is like hot chocolate for grownups

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Hosting this season? Have we got a cocktail for you and all your favorite elves.

Created by food blogger Mary Neumann of Sweet Little Bluebird, the “Dirty Snowman” is a hot-chocolate treat that’s decidedly for grown-ups only — but it’s easy enough to omit the booze and enjoy the deliciousness as-is.

Really, it’s customizable to any of your guests’ tastes. And it just takes a few moments to make, so you won’t find yourself trapped in the kitchen.

For instance, Neumann recommends starting with your favorite hot chocolate recipe or mix for the Dirty Snowman. Her only requirement is that it contain milk.

An instant mix is fine. No need to go the extra mile with homemade unless that’s your thing.

Make the hot chocolate of your choice. Add in Bailey’s Irish Cream, then set aside.

Dirty Snowman hot chocolate ingredients

At this point, there’s a proverbial fork in the road: Vanilla or chocolate ice cream? Choose your path, then put a scoop of ice cream in a good-sized mug.

Pour the hot-chocolate and Bailey’s mixture over the ice cream, then contemplate your toppings. Neumann recommends whipped cream and sprinkles to start.

But of course, there’s also mini marshmallows, the classic hot chocolate topper. Or, for the chocolate diehards, chocolate shavings, chocolate chips and a drizzle of chocolate syrup over the top. What about a cherry, too?

Neumann suggests a glass rimmed with chocolate syrup, then dipped in sprinkles or chocolate shavings for that extra-special touch. Maybe pop in a candy cane for good measure?

Here’s an idea: A festive toppings bar with all the options lined up and ready to use. According to Neumann, you can even substitute different alcohols if Bailey’s doesn’t appeal; Kahlúa and chocolate-flavored vodka are her picks for a substitute.

Imagine tucking into one of these on Christmas Eve — what a treat!

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