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These days presidential popularity is frequently in the news. President Trump’s numbers rise and fall (his overall popularity recently dipped below 40%, though his popularity among Republican voters remains very strong). But how does his popularity compare with all the other living ex-presidents? 

YouGov, the public opinion and data company, has ranked the popularity of public figures in general, and among the 336 people on the list, each living president is featured. The rankings are based on more than 20 millions responses across a variety of populations and categories, and are updated weekly. So, while accurate as of July 27, 2018, the results below could change.

With that, here are the most popular living presidents among Americans.

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No. 6: Donald Trump

Though President Donald Trump is the least popular living U.S. president, he did come in 28th among the 336 public figures that YouGov ranked. Melania Trump came in 17th overall. 

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No. 5: George H.W. Bush

President George H. W. Bush is the 5th most popular living U.S. president, and is 23rd on the list of public figures overall. It should be noted that his wife, Barbara Bush, who recently died, was ninth overall.

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No. 4: George W. Bush

President George W. Bush is 4th on the list of most popular living presidents and came in 22nd on the list of public figures overall, just edging out his father. His wife, Laura Bush, came in 11th overall. 

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No. 3: Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton

is the third most popular living president, and the 20th most popular public figure overall. Hillary Clinton came in 32nd overall.

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No. 2: Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter is the second-most popular living president and the 10th most popular public figure overall, according to the YouGov survey. Rosalynn Carter came in 24th overall. 

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No. 1: Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the most popular living president and the 5th most popular public figure overall, coming in behind Prince William, Prince Harry, Bill Gates and Queen Elizabeth. Michelle Obama was the seventh most popular public official overall.

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