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Trying to figure out where to live when you retire? Look beyond warm weather and think in terms of where you can easily stay active as you age. Living somewhere walkable is good for both your health and as a way to get around without dealing with a car. If you want to be able to walk to plenty of amenities, city life is the way to go.

Walk Score took a look at the most walkable cities in America. They based scores on how easily you can run daily errands and access activities like eating, shopping, and culture without a car. Here are the top 10 cities to live in if you want to go car-free, and still have access to everything you could need and then some. And because they’re bigger cities, you’re also likely to find plenty of activities oriented towards seniors.

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10. Philadelphia

Walk Score: 74.8

Philly’s streets are particularly easy to navigate by foot, thanks to being one of the first cities in America to use a grid system. It’s easy to reach restaurants, entertainment and green spaces all by foot. Some of the city’s most walkable neighborhoods to live in include Rittenhouse Square, Bella Vista, and Washington Square West.

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9. Oakland, California

Walk Score: 75.9

Oakland is often underrated when compared to the very walkable San Francisco. But tthe city also gets high scores for a lifestyle that isn’t car dependent. The neighborhood of Fruitvale is considered one of the most walkable places to live. It’s designed with street level businesses and residential units from the second floor up. Piedmont Avenue is also a great place to stroll, as it’s packed with both historical sites and coffee shops.

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8. Newark, New Jersey

Walk Score: 75.3

New Jersey offers numerous areas to live that are surprisingly pedestrian-friendly. Newark’s downtown is particularly convenient to walk around, with Market Street offering a long stretch of restaurants, shops and markets. Neighborhoods that are sought after for their walkability include Newark Central Business District, North Ironbound, and Seventh Avenue.

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7. Miami

Walk Score: 76.6

You can find pretty much anything in Miami, including restaurants, shopping, and beach life, all within walking distance. Residents of the city can reach an average of six restaurants, coffee shops, and bars per five minutes of walking according to Walk Score. The city’s most walkable neighborhoods include Downtown, Wynwood-Edgewater and Little Havana.

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6. Washington D.C.

Walk Score: 76.7

All political persuasions can agree: D.C. offers a very walkable lifestyle. Most of your errands can be reached by foot in this city, which also offers highly-rated public transportation should the weather not be cooperating. Dupont Circle is considered one of the top neighborhoods where one can live car-free, with everything you need just minutes away by foot.

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5. Chicago

Walk Score: 77

The windy city is also easy to navigate by foot, with restaurants, shops and amenities all reachable without a car. The best neighborhoods for living life without a vehicle include West Loop, River North, Lincoln Park, and East Ukrainian Village. When it gets too chilly for strolling, there’s also good public transportation.

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4. Boston

Walk Score: 83

The expression may be to “park your car in Harvard Yard,” but you don’t actually need a car if you live in Boston. Neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, North End, Bay Village, and Chinatown-Leather District have restaurants, shops, and amenities all within a few blocks. Each area has a distinct personality, so you can choose the best walkable neighborhood to suit your needs.

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3. Jersey City, New Jersey

Walk Score: 87

Again, New Jersey surprisingly makes the top 10 list for walkable living. Jersey City has a waterfront walkway, green spaces and long streets, all with a pedestrian-friendly vibe. Hubby’s Corner is a particularly scenic area to live, and it’s packed with shopping. It’s also easy to reach New York City via public transportation for great culture and medical care.

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2. Manhattan, New York

Walk Score: 88

Not surprisingly, Manhattan is one of the most walkable cities in America. But it’s not all the hustle and bustle of Times Square or Midtown, which may be a bit much once you’re ready to retire. There are plenty of neighborhoods with a calmer vibe, such as the Upper East Side or Greenwich Village. It goes without saying; Entertainment, shopping, food, and medical facilities are all just steps outside your door.

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1. San Francisco

Walk Score: 88.7

Yes, those hilly streets can be a challenge, but San Francisco is considered to be the top city to live in if you want to do everything by foot. That is, if you have the big bucks to afford it. Regardless, it’s easy to run all your errands and get everything you need when you live in neighborhoods like Bernal Heights, Mission Bay, and Rockridge, which is across the bay but has easy access to the city.

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