There’s a tiny baking kit & the internet can’t even

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Do you love to bake but the heavy lifting is just too much?

Do you ever plan on treating yourself to a cinnamon roll only to find it’s much too big and catch yourself thinking, “this would be perfect if only it were the size of a cheerio!” Do you like to make already pretty simple and efficiently-thought-out processes so much harder? Do you have extremely honed ultra fine motor skills?

Then Tiny Baking may be for you.

The internet is going wild over this tiny but delicious phenomenon and, because someone is always thinking, now there’s a tiny baking kit. And I mean TINY.

Imagined and created by Smart Lab, the tiny baking kit comes with a 48-page recipe book, including 20 “delicious” recipes and all the tiny tools you could  ever need for an afternoon of pretending you are a giant. There are even silicone finger mitts for handling a hot cookie sheet not much bigger than a match box, although I bet any injury gotten from this tiny kit would be stinking adorable.

In this video, brought to us by YouTuber Rosanna Pansino, and originally posted to the YouTube channel of the same name, Rosanna takes us tiny step by tiny step through the whole process, making tiny cinnamon rolls, the littlest and most nicely decorated 4-tier vanilla cake ever, microscopic chocolate chip cookies and, finally, a pepperoni pizza because diabetic comas are a thing, all of which she assures us is quite delicious to eat but the process is the thing here.

The Tiny Baking Kit by Smart Lab can be found on It comes with 17 tools, a 45 page tiny recipe book (add some readers to your cart!) and 20 recipes. So, everything you need to get your tiny bake on is included except ingredients. Kit is approved for those 8 years and up.

Come hop on the tiny bandwagon with this video: