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If you’ve ever enjoyed leaping down the wildly entertaining and surprising rabbit holes offered by Wikipedia, then this is the list you’ve been looking for. We rounded up some of the most unexpected Wikipedia pages we could find, like the one about a penguin who ended up outranking a human being in the military. Get ready for a wild ride.

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1. The Impossibly Lucky Timothy Dexter

Some people really do seem to have all the luck in this world. Take Timothy Dexter, for instance. A quick skim of the Wikipedia page dedicated to Dexter will show you that he had a knack for making numerous clueless financial decisions, all while continuing to get richer. Perhaps one of the best examples is that he was literally tricked into shipping coal to Newcastle, yet somehow made a substantial profit because it arrived right before a miner’s strike went down.

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2. The Wikipedia Page on the Human Race

At surface level, it’s not too strange that there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to the human race. Things get trippy when you factor in Wikipedia’s style guidelines, though. Specifically, the page was written in the third person. This results in the page sounding like it might as well have been written by aliens.

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3. Cadaver Synod

Not even death can keep you safe if you commit a wrong against certain institutions or people. Take Pope Formosus, who had been dead for around seven months in Rome during January 897. A trial was carried out by Pope Stephen VI, who had Formosus’ corpse exhumed and then brought before the papal court for judgment. Formosus was accused of perjury and also illegally occupying more than one diocese at the same time. Formosus was ultimately found guilty and then had his papacy declared null — all while being verifiably, absolutely dead. Ouch.

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4. The Honda Ridgeline Masterclass

There is someone in this world that is completely all in on the Honda Ridgeline. After taking a look at the comprehensive rundown that is provided on this Wikipedia page, you’d really hope that they received some kind of commission from all their hard work. And the numbers do show that 95.6% of the article was written all by one person.

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5. Aimo Koivunen

Aimo Koivunen was a Finnish soldier assigned to a ski patrol on March 15, 1944. Just a few days into the group’s mission, Koivunen, alongside a few of his fellow soldiers, was attacked and flanked by Soviet forces. They were able to escape. Koivunen, however, was fatigued from skiing for such a long distance. He was carrying his patrol’s whole supply of army-issue Pervitin — an early form of methamphetamine — which was used to stay awake while on extended duty. Koivunen proceeded to consume the whole supply of Pervitin, was flooded by a spurt of energy, and then fell into a pit of delirium before eventually passing out. Koivunen later remembered waking up, isolated from his patrol and without supplies. Say no to drugs, kids.

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6. Rube Waddell, Former Major League Baseball Player

Rube Waddell made his way through many Major League Baseball teams throughout his career. It was common knowledge that Waddell could be unpredictable and wildly eccentric. There was one time he left mid-game to go see about some fishing. He was also head over heels for fire trucks, and would chase after them during numerous games. Waddell would disappear for months on end during the offseason, only to surface out of nowhere doing something crazy like wrestling alligators. Can we get a movie about this guy already? 

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7. The Timeline of the Far Future

It’s mind-blowing. It’s probably incredibly far off from what will actually happen in the future. Or maybe it’s not that unrealistic? Either way, consider yourself warned that if you have an active imagination at all, this timeline could leave you with a pit in your stomach.

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8. Nils Olav

Nils Olav, heroic penguin reporting for duty. No joke, though. A penguin named Nils Olav literally outranked the human Nils Egelien, a lieutenant in the Norwegian King’s Guard, from 2005 onwards. That couldn’t have been easy.

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9. The Battle of B-R5RB

If you were ever big into the game EVE, then maybe you can appreciate this that much more. There was an epic battle from January 27-28, 2014, that saw an estimated theoretical real-world value of $300,000 to $330,000 lost due to in-game purchases. Man, those folks were committed.

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10. The Unkillable Soldier

Adrian Carton de Wiart simply wasn’t built like the rest of us. The lieutenant colonel was shot in the face, head, stomach, ankle, leg, hip, and ear; blinded in his left eye; survived two plane crashes; tunneled out of a prisoner-of-war-camp; and then tore off his own fingers when a doctor refused to amputate them. I mean, come on. When asked to describe his experiences during WWI, he wrote, “Frankly, I had enjoyed the war.” Alright then, man.

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