This dad makes fake photos with his children. It’s adorable…and kind of scary


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Kenny Deuss of Antwerp, Belgium, is a regular guy. He takes regular photos of his kids, uses Photoshop to create images of said kids in questionable situations, and posts them to his Instagram account, @Onadventurewithdad. That account became a hit with Instagram users, although at first the photos were not necessarily intended for public consumption.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

How it started

“When my first daughter was three months old, my girlfriend had to go back to work after maternity leave,” Deuss told MediaFeed. “Every Tuesday, it’s my turn to watch the kids, so my girlfriend regularly asks for a photo to see if the kids are OK. This is when I decided to do something fun with it.”

The photos show the couple’s children, Alix and Aster, in various non-baby contexts, such as receiving a mouthful of beer at feeding time or tending to a barbecue grill that’s engulfed in flames. But while it’s tempting to believe that Deuss receives regular visits from Child Protective Services for his trouble, he said that in general, people know not to take it seriously.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

How it’s going

“There are a few people who jump to conclusions too fast and think it’s really dangerous, but those people quickly realize that it’s all edited and see the joke,” he said. “I think that short shock effect before realizing it’s fake is what’s making the images so funny.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

Spreading joy is key

Deuss said the main thing that keeps him updating his Instagram page with new photos is that it’s fun, and that he likes to bring people some much-needed merriment. If those people are sleep-deprived parents with an infant in the house, even better.

“Most of my images are made to bring people joy and laughter,” he said. “I’m very glad I can bring some joy to people’s lives.”

Here are some more of our favorite photos from Deuss’ account. We hope you enjoy them, too.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

Baby 4 sale

“Alix has decided to collect money to buy some new toys.

Let’s hope her new store will be a success.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

Kids in the cookie jar

“When dad says we can’t have any more cookies, he clearly underestimates our will power. Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

Dad’s on the lookout for danger

“You don’t need much to enjoy the view. Dad is alway on the look out for all the dangers in the streets.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

This trip is for the birds

“We spend two days at the Belgian coastline. Apparently there are a couple of aggressive seagulls there. If someone finds their nest with Aster in it, please let me know.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

We have liftoff!

“Happy birthday Alix! Even though we only have a small party due to COVID, we’re having a blast!”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

Painting project

“Dad is afraid of heights, so I helped him out with some chores today.”

Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

Mornings with Dad

“A hot cup of coffee makes my day.”

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Kenny Deus.

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