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If you like to travel you’ve probably stayed in some old hotels from the 18th and maybe even 17th centuries. But when it comes to the world’s oldest hotel, those are like newborn babies.

Situated in a ravine along a river near Mt. Fuji in the Akaishi Mountains,  Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan inn has been operating since 705 A.D. That’s right. More than 1,300 years. Even more impressive: It has been continuously operated by the same family — 52 generations — since that time.

The hotel’s main draw, though, are its many hot springs known as “onsens,” which have provided the hotel’s hot water since it was founded by innkeeper Fujiwara Mahito. And hotel guests can enjoy public or private bathing opportunities in the hot springs.

Though the hotel underwent major renovations in 1997, it has maintained its traditional architecture. It is listed as the world’s oldest continuously operated hotel by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Check out this video tour to get a glimpse of the interior, rooms and hot springs:

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