Viral campaign aims to help animals in Betty White’s name


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If you loved Betty White — and let’s be honest, who didn’t? — you’re probably familiar with her work with animal rescues and sanctuaries.

White died Dec. 31 at the age of 99, just a few weeks before her 100th birthday, and, in honor of her lifetime commitment to helping animals, a new social media campaign is asking that people donate at least $5 to their favorite local animal rescue or sanctuary in her name on Jan. 17, the anniversary of her birthday.

Facebook post about Betty White and animal rescue donations

Facebook post about Betty White and animal rescue donations

It’s a fitting action for White, who loved animals so much that she created a TV series in the 1970s called “The Pet Set” (it was re-released last year as “Betty White’s Pet Set” and is available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV). Each episode began by introducing viewers to a particular pet and then their celebrity human. Guests included some beloved stars of the day: Mary Tyler Moore, Della Reese, Burt Reynolds and Carol Burnett. She even had animal trainer Ralph Helfer introduce viewers to leopards, elephants and other endangered species who’d been “affection trained.” Seriously, if you love animals and Betty White, it’s a must watch.

So, whether you want to watch White and her celebrity cuddle with their beloved pets, or help some local animals find their forever homes, you have some wonderful ways to celebrate her commitment to animals.

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