Want the first-ever 8K TV? You’ll need a cool $15K to get it


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Samsung surprised everyone at IFA Berlin this year when it promised to begin selling its first 8K television before the end of 2018.

Boasting four times the resolution of 4K (also known as ultra HD), and 16 times the resolution of full HD, 8K televisions have existed only as technology concepts that were unavailable for commercial sale — until now.

Samsung said that its TV, the Q900, will cost a cool $15,000. If that seems a bit steep, don’t worry — Samsung will also offer customers three-year, $416-a-month payment plans.

Although the TV will eventually be available in three sizes, the 85-inch flagship model will be the only variant available at launch. This product is the first TV to leverage Samsung’s quantum processor, which uses artificial intelligence to convert HD and 4K video into 8K footage. This conversion feature is arguably the TV’s crown jewel, especially since few, if any, media currently use 8K as their default resolution.

Samsung hopes that the Q900 will spur Hollywood, streaming services and broadcasters to transition to 8K, even though many consumers are only now jumping onto the 4K bandwagon. It is also likely that 8K TV prices will fall significantly in the years to come, just as 4K and HD TV price tags did before them.

British consumers might have a slight advantage when it comes to affording the Q900. In addition to the 85-inch model, Samsung will also launch a 75-inch version of the Q900 for £6,999 ($9,000) and a 65-inch model for ‘just’ £4,999 ($6,500).

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