It may seem an odd question, but what happens if the moon crashes into the Earth? The folks over at Kurzgesagt — who describe themselves as creating “videos explaining things with optimistic nihilism” — posed the question and then answered it in the cutest little apocalyptic video we’ve ever seen.

So what’s the answer they came up with? Well, it’s nothing we’re going to enjoy, that’s for sure.

But really: How would the Earth fare if the moon suddenly lost its orbit? Poorly. She would fare very, very poorly. But it doesn’t happen quickly, and it’s the year-long wait as the moon slowly approaches that is so … interesting.

Every day the tide would rise a bit more flooding farther and farther inland, but it would also recede farther out at low tide potentially exposing the continental shelf.

And there’s a lot of volcano activity. Copious amounts of volcanic activity would not be overstating it. Volcanoes everywhere. And earthquakes. And acid rain, global cooling, mountains of ash.

In a nutshell, none of us will be having a good time. Maybe that’s why they made the video all colorful and shiny and animated with little bubble characters.

Take a look if you want all the mind numbingly depressing — but ultimately very interesting — facts laid out for you in the happiest way possible.