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Choosing the best airline is challenging; especially when trying to balance affordability, reliability, safety, and comfort. 

You don’t want to endure cramped spaces, flight cancellations, or the fear that the aircraft will blow up in mid-air due to technical difficulties. When a door plug blew off a Boeing plane in early 2024, it worried many people about the state of air travel and which airlines need to be blacklisted.

It’s time to explore the airline hall of shame and uncover airlines most popular for delayed flights, discomfort, lack of amenities, technical difficulties, and poor customer service.

Spoiler alert: Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines are the worst in most categories.

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Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines faces the harshest criticism from customers and expert reviewers.

Though their fees are cheap, they lack organizational skills, mishandle bags, and mid-last year, they delayed 90% of flights in a single day.

Their wait times are long and upon trying to reach customer service representatives, many people have perceived a lack of empathy.

Basic amenities are scarce meaning there’s no complimentary food, drinks, or even water. You’ll have to pay for everything else beyond the seat. 

To top it off, there are no power outlets or in-flight entertainment on Spirit Airlines. You have to juice up your devices before boarding the plane and download your entertainment beforehand. Don’t rely on the paid Wifi, it’s a disappointment according to reviews. 

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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is another low-cost carrier and operates as inefficient as Spirit Airlines in terms of poor customer service and extra fees.

A quick look at Tripadvisor’s customer reviews is proof of the hidden charges and horrible customer service. It’s no secret that Frontier receives high amounts of customer complaints each month, so much that the Better Business Bureau handed the airline an F-rating for accumulating 6000 complaints in three years

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) also reported Frontier Airlines last in terms of operations.

As for the icing on the disaster, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported Frontier received 20 complaints per 100,000 customers, compared to the national average of six complaints per 100,000 customers in 2022.

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American Airlines

As one of the largest airlines in the world, American Airlines shouldn’t be on this list, but they made it for several reasons.

First, they mishandle bags. A report by Statista indicates they had the highest rate, with one bag per every 100 mishandled.

Secondly, customers interviewed were not likely to recommend the airline to their family and friends.

What could possibly cause flyers to detest an airline that has been around for so long? Apparently, customer service is not a priority anymore, with customers citing rude staff comments and extreme delays as the main reasons.

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Southwest Airlines

In 2022, Southwest Airlines’ operational inefficiency led to the airline being slapped with a $140 million civil penalty as a deterrent for canceling almost 16,900 flights, leaving more than 2 million passengers stranded.

Talk about operational inefficiency.

The seating arrangement is also not pre-assigned. Come in last and you get the middle seats, or come in first and get the best one.

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Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant has been in the limelight over safety concerns, including incidents involving emergency landings and maintenance issues.

They are also under criticism for poor customer service and constant delays. So, if you’re big on punctuality, Allegiant Airlines will probably let you down quite often.

Flyers won’t get perks such as inflight entertainment on Allegiant Airlines, so you’ll have to bring your own. You’ll also pay for every extra thing, like water or a carry-on bag.

Allegiant customer service is an ongoing problem as reviewers complain trying to contact a customer representative is challenging. The phone and chat lines are always busy and they don’t respond to emails.

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JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue is often praised for being a low-cost carrier, but the rate at which the airline lost passenger luggage shot up in the last year.

They have also let down passengers with a huge number of delays and flight cancellations that left many stranded. In a recent Wall Street Journal Annual Ranking, JetBlue had the highest delay rate.

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United Airlines

United Airlines truly deserves its spot on this list for screwing up luggage. You would presume that ensuring bags reach their destination is a priority considering the high fees paid.

Secondly, passengers are concerned about the old aircraft models claiming they are poorly maintained. United Airlines has the oldest plane models with the one plane aged at over 26 years, according to Planespotters.

The airline has also faced great scrutiny after forcefully removing a passenger from a flight, causing him to suffer several injuries.

Who wants to book an airline that physically harms you in front of other horrified passengers?

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So, Which Airlines Are the Best?

Surprisingly, despite the January 5, 2024 incident when Alaska’s Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet’s door plug blew up, Alaska Airlines was still named the best overall by WalletHub. It also came in second in safety, third in reliability and fourth in affordability, reinforcing its position as a top carrier.

Delta Airlines is also great in terms of customer satisfaction. Their ticket prices are low but you still get quality. Additionally, their employees are always beaming and well-mannered.

Use your judgment wisely to pick the airline that aligns with your priorities.

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