You can send your leftover Halloween candy to troops serving away from home

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Trick or treating is over for another year. The Halloween costumes are put away, and you’re staring at so much leftover candy you’re wondering what to do with it all.

Yes, you can tuck some of it away in the freezer or some hidden place in the house to dole out for a sweet surprise. We do have some fun recipes for using up your leftover Halloween candy, like candy bark, candy blondies and oat bars.

Or, if you want to brighten someone’s day, you can donate it to several amazing causes that will bring a taste of happiness to others worldwide.

Gather your leftover Halloween candy and send it to one of the following organizations. Each of these will ensure your goodies will go to servicemen and women away from home, or children in need.


Whether you know someone serving in the military or not, you can do your part to support the troops. The HeroBox program connects people with servicemen and servicewomen worldwide who would love to receive a care package.

All you need to do is collect your candy and pack it in a USPS flat-rate box. Then, go to the HeroBox website to register for an account. Select a hero to receive your box. Finally, pay for and print a shipping label at home, attach it to the box and drop it off at the post office. It’s that simple.

Operation Shoebox

Another organization that uses Halloween candy for care packages is Operation Shoebox. This group collects all kinds of individually food items (such as protein bars, peanuts and granola bars) to send to troops all over the world in addition to candy.

Pack your candy in a box and send it to Operation Shoebox, 8360 East Highway 25, Belleview, FL 34420.

Volunteers at Operation Shoebox will add your donation to the boxes they ship to servicepeople.

Halloween Candy Buyback

Every year, local businesses nationwide participate in the Halloween Candy Buyback program. Families take their leftover candy to local dentists and other locations where donors receive coupons, toothbrushes, sugar-free treats and even cash.

To find a locally participating business in the Halloween Candy Buyback Program, visit the official website and search by your ZIP Code.

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