Former US ambassador to Ukraine has a message for Putin


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Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine (2016 – 2019), carries a special message to Putin with her all the time in the form of a small bracelet.

In this clip originally posted to YouTube on The Late Night with Stephen Colbert channel, Yovanovitch explains.

Yovanovitch told the late-night host she found the bracelet in Ukraine, that they are made in the country, and that she decided to order them in bulk (which is kind of hysterical). She handed them out to visitors to the US Embassy in Kyiv, including US Congress members when she was still in office. And then she gifts one to Colbert.

The message, you ask? (Yovanovitch has Colbert read it as it is unbecoming of a diplomat and pretty much exactly what we expect from Stephen Colbert, thank goodness):

“F^#! You Putin”

And if you just have to get your own, you can here — the proceeds go to help support Ukraine.

Here’s the clip in all its loveliness:

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