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So whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or get in shape for summer, these apps are sure to help! If you’re looking to lose a few pounds before hitting the beach, check out our list of the best free weight loss apps. These apps will help you track your progress and stay on track with your diet and exercise goals.

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Why Use A Weight Loss App?

There are a few reasons why using a weight loss app can be helpful. First, it can help you track your progress. Seeing how much weight you’ve lost (or how many inches you’ve lost) can be a great motivator to keep going. Second, weight loss apps often come with built-in support communities. Having a community can be invaluable when trying to lose weight, as it’s always helpful to have someone to talk to who is going through the same thing. Finally, many of these apps also offer diet and exercise tracking features. Exercise tracking features can help you stay on track with your goals and get the most out of your workout regime.

Here are the best free weight loss apps to help you reach all of your health goals this year.

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Lose It!

Lose It! is a comprehensive weight loss app that helps you set goals and track your progress. The app also includes a food and exercise tracker, so you can easily keep track of your calorie intake and burn.

How to Use It:

To get started, simply download the app and create an account. Then, set your weight loss goals and start tracking your progress. Be sure to log your food and exercise to stay on track with your calorie intake and burn.

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MyFitnessPal is another excellent option for those looking to lose weight. The app includes a food and exercise tracker and a database of over six million foods. This makes it easy to track your calorie intake and ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

How to Use It:

MyFitnessPal will give you a daily calorie goal to help you lose weight safely. To get started, enter your current weight, height, and goals into the app. Then, begin logging your food intake and exercise. You can also use the app to track your progress over time.

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Fitbit App

The Fitbit app is an excellent option for those already using a Fitbit device. The app tracks your steps, calories burned, and active minutes and provides you with personalized fitness goals.

How to Use It:

To get started, connect your Fitbit device to the app. Then, log your food intake and exercise. The app will track your progress and provide you with tips and motivation to help you reach your goals.

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Cronometer is a great option for a comprehensive diet and exercise tracker. The app tracks over 50 nutrients and has a database of over 700,000 foods. This makes it easy to ensure you’re getting the nutrients you need and staying within your calorie budget.

How to Use It:

To get started, download the app and create an account. Once you’re logged in, you can track your food and exercise. Cronometer will provide you with a list of recommended foods based on your goals, but you can also add your favorites to the database. Be sure to log everything you eat and drink throughout the day and any exercise you do. This will help Cronometer give you an accurate picture of your daily calorie intake.

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My Diet Coach

This app is all about helping you develop healthy habits, and it does so enjoyably and engagingly. My Diet Coach has a virtual coach that gives you personalized advice, reminders, tips, and encouragement. And if you need some extra motivation, the app also lets you set weight loss goals and rewards yourself when you reach them.

How to Use It:

Use the app to track your food intake and physical activity, set goals, and find healthy recipes.

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This app is a calorie counting app that also happens to be one of the most comprehensive ones out there. MyNetDiary tracked not just calories but also macronutrients and water intake and even has a barcode scanner to quickly and easily add foods to your diary.

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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a tried-and-true weight loss program, and its app is one of the best in the business. The app gives you access to Weight Watcher’s resources, including recipes, tips, and their famous food point system.

How to Use It:

Track your food and activity, find recipes, join the Weight Watchers community, and attend meetings (in-person or virtually) for support.

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Noom is a weight loss app that’s slightly different from the others on this list. That’s because it’s not just an app but also a program you sign up for. Noom provides you with a personal coach and personalized plan to help you reach your goals.

How to Use It:

Noom is all about helping you change your relationship with food. You’ll start by taking a quiz to assess your eating habits and weight loss goals. Then, you’ll be assigned a daily calorie budget based on your answers.

You can log meals and snacks, track your progress, and learn more about healthy eating through the app’s articles and recipes.

Plus, you’ll have access to support from real people – not just robots – which can make all the difference when trying to lose weight.

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FatSecret is another comprehensive app that’s great for people serious about losing weight. It includes a food diary, calorie counter, exercise tracker, and features like progress charts and recipes.

How to Use It:

Logging meals is quick and easy with FatSecret. You can search for foods in the app’s extensive database or scan barcodes to find calories quickly.

You can also use the app to track your water intake, weight, and measurements. Plus, you can connect with other users for motivation and support.

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Fooducate is an app that goes beyond just tracking calories. It also assesses the quality of your foods and provides healthier alternatives.

How to Use It:

Scan barcodes or search for foods in the app, and Fooducate will give it a letter grade (A, B, C, or D). The app also explains why a food got the grade it did and suggests healthier alternatives.

You can track your progress over time, set goals, and learn more about nutrition through articles and tips in the app.

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If you’re tracking macros, MyMacros+ is an app that can make it a lot easier. It includes a database of over two million foods, so you can quickly and easily log your meals.

How to Use It:

MyMacros+ makes it easy to track your macros. Just search for foods in the app or scan barcodes, and the app will do the rest. You can also create custom foods and recipes.

Plus, you can set goals and see your progress over time. You can even track micros like sodium and fiber if you want to get detailed.

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The Bottom Line

There are many great weight loss apps out there, and the ones on this list are just a few of the best. So if you’re looking to lose weight this summer, be sure to download one (or all!) of these apps to help you reach your goals.

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