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Plenty of the internet is dedicated to the reverence of cute animals. We’re not short on lists of those types of creatures. But what about some respect for the ugly animals? When do the uggos get their time to shine? Right here, right now. Here are 11 incredibly ugly animals you need to know about.

Image Credit: Cheapism / gordonramsaysubmissions (CC) / Dmitry Makeev (CC BY-SA) / David V. Raju (CC BY-SA).

1. Hammer-Headed Bat

Yeesh. This looks more like something that should be called the horse-headed bat, but that’s alright. Horses look like they’re from outer space already, and the similarity is doing this bat no favors. There’s almost a touch of Basset hound in that snout, too. Nature’s nuts.

Image Credit: Hammer-headed bat by Sarah H. Olson , Gerard Bounga, Alain Ondzie, Trent Bushmaker, Stephanie N. Seifert, Eeva Kuisma, Dylan W. Taylor, Vincent J. Munster, Chris Walzer (CC BY).

2. Condors

A lot of people will say there are only certain types of specific condors that are disgusting. I reject that. They’re all nightmares, clear across the board. Condors are nearly indistinguishable from the Skeksis in “The Dark Crystal.” They scare the beans out of me.

Image Credit: California condor by Grand Canyon National Park (CC BY).

3. Naked Mole Rat

This is about as bad as it gets. Those teeth. That skin. Poor thing. The naked mole rat did have its moment back in the “Kim Possible” days, but other than that you don’t see a lot of respect on its name. Can’t say it doesn’t make sense. The thing is hideous.

Image Credit: .

4. Blobfish

We all know about this guy. This guy gets dunked on all the time. There’s really nothing we can do about it. When you’re born a blobfish, you’re gonna get dunked on. In his defense, this is only what he looks like when he’s out of the water. The pressure where he comes from is very different, so underwater, he’s actually a lot better looking.

Image Credit: blobfish by James Joel (CC BY-ND).

5. Purple Frog

Maybe he’s smart! Maybe he has a great personality. The lord doesn’t give with both hands, ya know? Frogs are always getting away with murder since so many of them are cuter than they have any right to be, the slimy weirdos. The succinctly-named purple frog is a big freakazoid, but it’s got my respect. I bet he’s talented in some way or another.

Image Credit: Purple frog by David V. Raju (CC BY-SA).

6. Saiga Antelope

The Saiga antelope probably means well, but all I can think about is how it looks like one of those spooky critters from “Annihilation.” Despite its ugliness, conservationists have had an “unprecedented triumph” in their attempt to help the species, which has now gone from “Critically Endangered” to “Near Threatened.” It’s nice to know we’ll be looking at their ugly mugs way more often.

Image Credit: Saiga Antelope by Navinder Singh (CC BY-SA).

7. Marine Iguana

You could not pay me enough money to face off against this thing. It looks like real-life Godzilla. It also acts like real-life Godzilla, since it’s a marine reptile which can forage for algae in the ocean. Absolutely terrifying on two different types of terrain. Thankfully, they’re found only in the Galápagos Islands.

Image Credit: Marine Iguana by Brian Gratwicke (CC BY).

8. Proboscis Monkey

There aren’t many noses in the animal kingdom worse than this one. The thing the proboscis monkey is saddled with is humiliating, like something you’d see in a funhouse mirror. Scientists claim this is to help amplify their sound, but that doesn’t seem worth it. If you’re in Borneo, where these monkeys live keep your eyes peeled. I bet those things are even bigger in person.

Image Credit: Proboscis monkey by Charles J. Sharp (CC BY-SA).

9. Star-Nosed Mole

How can this possibly be a real thing? At least the proboscis monkey’s nose looks like a nose. Our star-nosed friend’s nose is actually much closer to a bunch of little fingertips, which is something straight out of “Stranger Things” or “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Image Credit: Star-Nosed Mole by gordonramsaysubmissions (CC BY).

10. Aye-Aye

Yikes. This is very similar to what you’d see if you screamed my name in the middle of the night while I was sleeping, and then took a photo with the flash on. Native to Madagascar, the aye-aye (cap’n!) is actually a primate, not a rodent. As soon as I saw this photo, I decided to do some Googling and see if they make some sort of horrible noise.

They do.

Image Credit: Aye-aye by Frank Vassen (CC BY).

11. Hairless Cat

If there was ever a creature that looks like evil incarnate, it’s the hairless cat. People keep these things as pets. On purpose. What’s the matter, you hate an adorable animal with a soft, furry coat? You want to pet that weird, wrinkly skin? You want to look down into those piercing, White-Walker-blue eyes? No way, dude. No way.

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Image Credit: Hairless cat by Dmitry Makeev (CC BY-SA).

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