13 smart study gadgets that can help you ace that test


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If you’re a college student, you’ve probably found it surprisingly difficult to study sometimes. This is especially true if the library and the coffee shop are both overcrowded. Most students’ only other option is their dorm room — that may not seem like the best choice at first, but any dorm can be turned into the ultimate study space with these 13 smart gadgets.

13 Smart Study Gadgets

1. Noise-canceling headphones

Studying in your dorm can be difficult if the TV, radio, and your roommate’s noisy friends are all distracting you. Noise-canceling headphones can help you focus on your homework and tune all of those annoying sounds out. Like Skullcandy’s latest headphones, some devices are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to access your favorite study tunes instantly.

2. Smart lights

Mood lighting is its own field of study in college, but there’s more to good lighting than date night. Blue lights have been proven to increase focus, which can make smart lights handy. The Philips Hue starter kit allows you to easily switch between date and study lighting with a smartphone app. If you have an Amazon Echo Dot, you can integrate your light bulbs with the device and change your lighting with a simple verbal command.

3. Freedom app

Any student who owns a laptop knows how easy it can be to sneak off to social media or Reddit instead of studying. The Freedom app for Mac and Windows can block websites, apps, and other distractions to help keep you on task. You can schedule study time in advance or set it up on the fly.

4. Saent

Wouldn’t it be nice if life had an easy button? Saent can make that wish a reality. You can use Saent to maximize your productivity by scheduling study periods and censoring distractions. The app can let your friends know that you’re too busy to chat, too. In addition, Saent can let you back onto the internet when break-time finally rolls around.

5. Wi-Fi coffee maker

The all-nighter is one of college students’ biggest rites of passage. Behmor’s Wi-Fi coffee maker allows you to start a pot of coffee from your smartphone, making it easier to stay focused until sunrise. You can also use the Behmor app to adjust how much coffee the machine makes and even your beverage’s temperature. In addition, you can brew your coffee with voice commands if you own an Echo Dot.

6. HP Envy wireless printer

Relying on a school printer is risky, especially when other students are queuing up to retrieve their print jobs. Students can opt for a Wi-Fi printer like HP’s Envy 5055, which allows you to print, scan and copy assignments right in the dorm. You can use a companion app to print and scan documents from your phone or send them in an email. These printers can guarantee that your assignments will be ready and that you won’t have to stop by the library before class.

7. Philips Wake-up Light

The worst part about doing homework most of the night is getting up the next morning. Smart lights like the Philips Wake-up Light simulate a natural sunrise as you stir, which can make groggily stumbling out of bed a little less unpleasant.

8. Dragon Dictation

Students who juggle class, work, and extracurricular activities know how stressful it can be to stay organized. Dragon Dictation can make that balancing act easier. This app allows you to write emails, take notes, get directions, and more with just your voice. The program even features a professional-grade voice assistant to help it avoid mishearing you.

9. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

If you’re taking many classes this semester, you may accidentally forget to bring the right notes to the right lecture. The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook allows you to upload your handwritten notes to the cloud. Those notes can then be downloaded to your smartphone. Getting fresh pages for your Rocketbook is easy — just put it in the microwave (no joke) — and they’ll all be blank again. Just remember to upload your notes first.

10. Smart laptop stand

Dorm room desks aren’t usually big, but VIVO’s tempered glass smart laptop stand can elevate your laptop and create more room for your school materials. This stand is adjustable and includes USB ports, audio ports, and cable organizers.

11. Smart speaker

Taking a break can be just as important as studying, and these smart home devices can make those breaks better. Alexa can order a pizza at your command and even host a trivia game while you wait for it to arrive. How many human roommates can do that?

12. Streaming stick

There’s no better break from reality than TV. Streaming sticks like Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick allow you to stream your favorite shows directly from Netflix, Hulu, and other services. Some streaming devices can support other break material, including video games, social media, websites, and workout videos.

13. Buddha Machine

Meditation can be an effective way to deal with college stress. The Buddha Machine takes a step further by providing soothing sounds and songs to help you get the most out of meditating. The machine comes in various colors and has a smartphone app available for Android devices.

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