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Want to boost your earning power? High income skills can translate to a bigger paycheck since employers or clients may be willing to pay a premium to workers who possess them. Generally, high paying skills are specialized skills that are considered to be in demand. They can include a mix of hard skills and soft skills.

What are the best high income skills to learn to bring in more cash? Here, you’ll learn about 15 high paying job skills, from IT to UX know-how, that may be worth picking up. They can hold the potential to help earn more money.

Adaptability and the ability to learn can be invaluable, whether trying to land your first job or gig or one farther along in your career. Learning new skills can help you to better keep up with a changing job landscape. Here, some points to consider:

•   Acquiring high income skills could make it easier to stand out among the crowd when competing for positions or freelance gigs. You may have a more diverse range of job options to choose from. Your skills may also translate to a larger paycheck if they’re sought-after by employers or clients.

•   Some of the highest paying jobs are in the computer and information technology fields. If you’re able to learn the skills needed to get those jobs, either as a full-time employee or a freelancer, that could substantially boost your lifetime earnings.

•   Relevancy is also a factor. If you’re up to date on the latest high-paying skills that could make you much more valuable in an employer or client’s eyes. Should the company or client need to cut back on staffing, your job could be secure if you hold a skill set that your colleagues can’t match.

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15 High-Income Skills to Learn

The best high income skills to learn are ones that can help you to increase your earnings while also doing work that you enjoy. Certain high paying job skills may require a college degree to learn, while others you might be able to pick up without going to school.

Here are some of the best high paying job skills to learn now, including remote job skills and tech skills.

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1. SEO Skills

SEO, or search engine optimization, involves knowing how to structure website content in order to push it to the top of search engine rankings. This skill is in high demand, and businesses are willing to pay well for it. The reason: Higher search rankings can translate to more clicks and more purchases.

It’s possible to find full-time SEO jobs, but you could also offer freelance SEO services if you’d like to be your own boss. Studying SEO experts and guides can be a good starting point for learning more about this skill.

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2. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another way of describing advertising through digital channels. As people increasingly consume information online, digital marketers play an important role. They can help brands and businesses connect with current and prospective customers through social media, apps, and email marketing.

If you spend time online regularly, you might already have some knowledge of digital marketing and how it works. You could use that knowledge to your advantage to help clients make money on social media or target their ideal audience. There are also an array of courses you might take or certificates you might earn in this area.

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3. Email Marketing

Email marketing is related to digital marketing but it focuses exclusively on advertising through email. For example, during the Black Friday season, stores may send out emails to customers that include coupons, promo codes, ads, or other special promotions. Those emails are written by an email marketer with the end goal of encouraging customers to click and make a purchase.

Becoming an email marketer is something you might consider if you have experience with marketing or the next high income skill that follows on this list.

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4. Copywriting

Copywriting involves creating written content that’s intended to persuade. Similar to email marketing, copywriters help businesses and brands to sell their products and services.

Some of the ways you could leverage high income skills as a copywriter include writing website content, sales pages, marketing emails, sales brochures, or newsletters. Copywriting allows for further specialization if you’re focusing on a single niche. For example, you might write for petcare companies or companies in the beauty or wellness niche.

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5. Video Editing

Video editors get paid to edit videos for social media, website content, and other channels. While written content still has high value among consumers, video is offering up strong competition, as evidenced by the growth of TikTok and YouTube.

Video editing is one of the best high-paying skills to learn for another reason. It doesn’t require a college degree. It’s a skill you can pick up through online study, often with minimal investment required.

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6. Software Development

Software developers create operating programs for computers and other devices. Becoming a software developer starts with learning the basics of coding, which is something you might be able to do through a trade school or online coding bootcamp. Developers earn a median wage of $109,020 per year, so this could be a good high income skill to learn if you’re hoping to earn a six-figure salary.

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7. Web Development

Web development is similar to software development, but the focus is on creating websites and web applications. Web developers need to be knowledgeable about programming languages like CSS and JavaScript. They also have to be familiar with different website-building platforms, such as WordPress. A web developer may work with a web designer to create new sites for clients or redesign existing ones.

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8. Project Management

Project managers oversee the completion of large-scale projects from start to finish, often in information technology (IT) or computer-related fields. The project manager’s primary duty is to help the company or client they’re working with achieve their end goals for the project. Project managers may require certain hard skills, such as coding knowledge, but they can also utilize soft skills, such as effective communication and the ability to direct a team.

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9. IT Skills

The IT field can offer up numerous high paying job opportunities, depending on which skills you have. A broad range of IT skills can fall under the high income umbrella, including:

•   Cloud computing skills

•   AI skills

•   Programming skills

•   Cybersecurity skills

•   Blockchain knowledge

Again, learning how to code can help you build a foundation for learning other valuable IT skills, which can be developed through specialized courses.

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10. UX Design

UX refers to user experience, or how a person interacts with a product or service. It’s an important element of websites and apps, as well as physical products and services. When consumers visit a website or log in to their favorite apps, they want them to be fast and easy to navigate. Likewise, when someone purchases something or signs up for an online service, they want it to function the way they’re expecting it to. UX design experts help to iron out the kinds to deliver the best user experience possible. This can require specialized training, depending on whether UX design is delivered for a digital property or something more rooted in the offline world.

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11. Content Marketing

Content marketing is related to copywriting, but it requires a different skill set. Content marketers create content that’s designed to draw traffic through search engines or social media, but it goes beyond sales pages or landing pages. A good example of content marketing at work is blogging. When executed effectively, blogging can build an audience and generate revenue through ads, product sales, services, or affiliate marketing.

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12. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means marketing another entity’s products or services and earning commissions each time someone makes a purchase. For example, a blogger who includes affiliate links to Amazon products in their web content might earn money if a reader clicks their links and buys something. Affiliate marketing could be an ideal high income skill to learn if you’re interested in generating passive income online.

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13. Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are part of many people’s daily lives. They can offer convenience if you’re using them to log in to your bank account or manage your investments. Other apps can provide entertainment if you’re using them to watch videos, play games, or listen to music.

Companies can hire mobile app developers to create apps and test them before releasing them to the market. It’s possible that you could even try moonlighting work, and create your own mobile app and sell it, building a six- or even seven-figure business in the process.

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14. Graphic Design

Graphic design skills could lead to a higher income if you’re creating designs for clients with big budgets or building a steady freelance business. Some of the ways you could make money as a graphic designer include designing logos, YouTube thumbnails, private label rights content, social media templates, or ebook templates. You could also apply your graphic design skills to create designs for a print-on-demand or Etsy shop.

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15. Soft Skills

Soft skills are a diverse professional toolkit. They’re based on a different sort of knowledge that doesn’t involve learning how to code or develop software. Examples of high paying soft skills include good communication skills, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and time management skills. Employers and clients can value those skills just as much as some of the other high income skills on this list. These skills can be used in high level administrative, coordinator, and management positions.

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Tips for Developing High-Paying Skills

There are several options for learning the high paying job skills you might need to succeed. Which one you choose can depend on the skills you want to learn and how much you know about them already. Some of the possibilities for developing high income skills include:

•   Completing a two- or four-year degree program at a college or university

•   Attending a trade school

•   Utilizing online resources, like YouTube or blogs

•   Taking paid online courses that are independent of a degree program

•   Applying for internships or freelance jobs that could allow you to learn the skills you need

•   Asking someone who already possesses your desired skill set to act as your mentor

Working with a professional coach to help you develop your skills.

Some of these options cost money; others don’t. If you’re on a tight budget, then you might want to start with free resources like well-rated YouTube tutorials. After that, you could consider what kind of investment you might want to make in a paid course or degree program.

Trade school can be more affordable than a four-year college or university for learning certain skills. What is trade school good for learning about? Web development, web design, coding, and video editing are just a few high paying skills you could brush up on. Community colleges and continuing ed programs at universities may also offer affordable classes that will allow you to develop your talents.

If you’re considering applying high income skills to start a freelance business, it’s also a good idea to give some thought to the financial side. Financial planning for freelancers includes things like budgeting for irregular income, learning how to set your rates, filing taxes, and saving for retirement.

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The Takeaway


If your goal is to earn more money, learning some new high income skills can definitely be worthwhile. From content marketing to UX design to copywriting, there are many avenues to pursue as you build the expertise that can help you earn more money.


What are high demand skills?

High demand skills are job skills that are highly sought-after by employers and clients. Examples of high demand skills can include knowledge of coding and HTML, SEO expertise, and digital marketing experience. Employers may be willing to pay more for high demand skills if there’s a smaller pool of available workers who have them.

What are the top skills you should learn for the future?

Many of the skills that are likely to be in-demand in the future are connected to computers and technology. Understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) or blockchain technology, for example, may be desirable as more companies focus on these types of innovations.

How can I land a high paying job?

Learning some high income skills could help you to land a high paying job, if those skills are in-demand and there are fewer qualified candidates to fill the available jobs. Other ways to increase your income include asking for a raise, taking on a second job, or starting a profitable side hustle.

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