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Whether you’re looking to pare down your belongings and want to rent the items you need rather than own them, or you’re on the lookout for fun experiences where hiring an expert will increase the quality of your event, seeking out unique things to rent is a great way to get what you need without having to invest all that much.

While things like, say, suits and wedding dresses or books and tech items, are pretty common items that most people wouldn’t bat an eye at if you mentioned you had them on loan, there are some pretty bizarre things out there that are available to rent. In fact—you can rent almost anything these days. Here’s proof:

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1. Treehouses

If you spent your childhood dreaming up the perfect treetop escape—we’re guilty!—it’s not too late to live out that universal childhood dream. There are a ton of treehouses available for rent on platforms like Airbnb that range from luxury glamping accommodations complete with hot tubs to more utilitarian constructions in the middle of nowhere.

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2. Wedding Guests

The first time we heard about being able to rent wedding guests was in India—but wedding guest and even bridesmaid rentals are available all over the world, including the US. Websites like Bridesmaid for Hire allows you to tap into the know-how of a professional bridesmaid while platforms like India-based Join My Wedding actually pays you to rent guests for your big day.

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3. Dungeon Masters

“There’s a guy in my town that sets up fantastic dungeons and dragons games with tons of terrain and miniatures,” one Reddit user shared. “He’ll come set up an adventure for you and up to 4 other players for fifty dollars! He basically does it because he loves the game and the small cost lets him play and fund future purchases. Where else can you do something for 6 hours for ten bucks each?”

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4. Kitchen Space (That You Don’t Have to Clean)

“In my town, there is a restaurant/bakery-grade kitchen you can rent that’s fully equipped with machines, pans, utensils, and more,” added another Reddit user. “You bring your ingredients and cook or bake what you want, pack it up and take it home.” The best part? They’ll even do all the cleanup—so all you have to do is enjoy the baking process and the fruits of your labor!

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5. Backyards

“Sniffspot is a website/app that allows homeowners to rent out their yards to dog owners who don’t have their own and may not be good candidates for dog parks!” advised one Reddit user. “Probably no one is getting rich off of this but it’s a good way to monetize your yard if you’re not utilizing it regularly.”

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6. Grandma’s Jigsaw Puzzles

“I’ve been renting out my great grandma’s jigsaw puzzles—she has over three hundred puzzles and I rent them out to locals for about $8 a month with word-of-mouth advertising,” said one Reddit user. “I’m thinking of doing a mail service!”

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7. Pre-Packed Suitcases

Packing for a trip—and hoping your suitcase arrives without any issues—is a huge headache. That’s why certain brands have begun offering pre-packed suitcases that you can pick up at your destination. Japan Airways has started offering a curated pre-packed suitcase for travelers visiting Japan and certain hotel chains like Four Seasons also offers a higher end curation of pre-packed clothing that you can order straight to your hotel room upon arrival.

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8. Goats

The goat rental industry is big business, believe it or not, but most goat rental services are not for things like cuddling or doing goat yoga. Instead businesses like HireGoats.com allows you to rent goats to help with vegetation management or “targeted grazing.” Goats are experts at taking care of overgrowth and weed management and can also help prevent wildfires thanks to their insatiable appetite for vegetation!

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9. Puppies

Don’t worry, if you did want to rent an animal with the intention of getting all the cuddles, there are services that rent out puppies for this exact reason. Businesses and non-profits like Homeward Trails Animal Rescue offer ‘puppy parties’ where you and your pals can get together and cuddle a litter of puppies. Is there anything better?

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10. Friends

Sometimes life can get a little lonely—and Rent-a-Friend aims to help. The platform allows you to find platonic likeminded folks to attend parties or events with you—but it’s also designed for you to find a buddy to travel with, go to museums with, or even go clubbing with (for a fee).

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11. Cuddlers

It has been proven that cuddling is great for our overall health and wellbeing—it boosts the immune system, eases stress, and even reduces blood pressure. Websites like Cuddle Comfort allow you to rent a platonic cuddle buddy so you can reap the benefits of cuddling even if you’re not in a relationship.

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12. Line Sitters

Nobody wants to spend all day waiting in line—unless of course you’re being paid to do it! Same Ole Line Dudes in New York City allows you to rent someone who will wait in line for you, all you have to do is show up once they get to the front of the line.

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13. Poop Scoopers

Having a dog? The best. Having to clean up their number two? Not the best. DoodyCalls allows you to rent a professional pooper scooper to come and pick up the dog poop from your yard. It’s a win for everyone involved.

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14. Apologists

Being the bigger person and offering a sincere apology isn’t always easy—and a handful of agencies in Japan have made big business out of offering apologies for other people. The agencies will even break up with someone for you if need be, which seems a little cold to us, but who are we to judge.

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15. Plants

Keeping plants in your space is a great way to liven it up and add a dose of overall coziness—but for some people it just doesn’t make sense to try and stoke a green thumb that doesn’t exist. If you wish you could have plants in your home but you travel too frequently or struggle to keep them alive, businesses like Plant Alive! allow you to rent a tropical plant for an allotted amount of time before returning it to its full-time owner.

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