15 places where home burglaries on are on the rise


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So it looks like the burglars are going back to work.

A study of crime rates in 27 international cities showed that burglaries fell by 28% under lockdown conditions. But homeowners should not breathe easy. As lockdown eases, the conditions for housebreaking improve.

Budget Direct recently delivered an in-depth analysis on the state of burglaries in Australia. We found that one in five Australian homes have been burgled and that 31% of detained burglars reckon “improved security” is the cause of a slight reduction in break-ins in the 2010s.

Now, we’re looking at the global picture. We sourced national burglary rates from countries around the world and calculated the figure per 100,000 people for every country with available data.


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We searched online for burglary statistics, using Google translate to search in the native languages and bring up local reputable sources, such as government and police websites.

We found only the most recently reported rates available. Any countries we couldn’t find reliable data for were removed. We used these burglary figures in conjunction with population data to find the burglary rates per 100,000 people in each country.

You can find the full list of sources online.

No matter where you are in the world, many of us have experienced a break-in. If you keep reading, you can see which countries have the highest burglary rates per 100K population.

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15. United States of America

  • Population: 327.2 million
  • Annual burglaries: 1,724,720
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 527

Image Credit: Wolterk / istockphoto.

14. Uruguay

  • Population: 3.84 million
  • Annual burglaries: 21,923
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 571

Image Credit: Xeni4ka / iStock.

13. Luxembourg

  • Population: 613,894
  • Annual burglaries: 3,531
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 575

Image Credit: Xantana / istockphoto.

12. Saint Kitts and Nevis

  • Population: 55,000
  • Annual burglaries: 319
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 580

Image Credit: ATGImages / istockphoto.

11. Cape Verde

  • Population: 549,935
  • Annual burglaries: 3,327
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 605

Image Credit: raularosa / iStock.

10. England & Wales

  • Population: 59.44 million
  • Annual burglaries: 366,718
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 617

Image Credit: SHansche / istockphoto.

9. Bulgaria

  • Population: 7.422 million
  • Annual burglaries: 46,216
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 623

Image Credit: sfabisuk / istockphoto.

8. Denmark

  • Population: 5.561 million
  • Annual burglaries: 38,578
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 694

Image Credit: DepositPhotos.com.

7. Grenada

  • Population: 107,000
  • Annual burglaries: 762
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 712

Image Credit: NAPA74 / iStock.

6. Sweden

  • Population: 10.23 million
  • Annual burglaries: 75,300
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 736

Image Credit: DepositPhotos.com.

5. Greece

  • Population: 10.72 million
  • Annual burglaries: 81,734
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 762

Image Credit: Maglara/istockphoto.

4. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Population: 110,000
  • Annual burglaries: 842
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 765

Image Credit: Anfisa Tukane / iStock.

3. Australia

  • Population: 25.36 million
  • Annual burglaries: 231,000
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 911

Image Credit: Tony_Irving / istockphoto.

2. Seychelles

  • Population: 95,843
  • Annual burglaries: 1,394
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 1,454

Image Credit: SimonDannhauer / istockphoto.

1. Peru

  • Population: 33.38 million
  • Annual burglaries: 696,392
  • Burglaries per 100K pop.: 2,086

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