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Ever wanted to sleep in a spaceship? How about a submarine? On Airbnb, the possibilities really are endless.

Whether you’re looking for unusual vacation rentals for your next holiday or you’re an investor looking for ideas for your next rental, this post will give you some serious inspiration.

We’ve rounded up the 19 best Airbnb unique listings from around the world, and we’re sharing them with you in this post.

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What is a Unique Listing on Airbnb?

Often, potential guests will just browse a specific location on Airbnb to see what’s in the area. However, Airbnb also has a lot of filters to help guests narrow down their search further.

One of the filters is “unique listing”, and guests can choose from options such as lighthouses, boats, or cabins.

Any kind of interesting or unconventional structure can qualify as an Airbnb unique listing, from a treehouse to a converted barn.

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Pros and Cons of Unique Listings

If you’re thinking about investing in a unique listing on Airbnb, there are some key pros and cons to consider.

 PRO: Less competition

Most areas don’t have many lighthouses or wood cabins vying for attention, so unique listings tend to have less competition in geographical areas.

PRO: Attention-grabbing

Who wouldn’t be interested in clicking on a yurt out in the forest? Unique listings are incredibly attention-grabbing on Airbnb and more people are likely to click on them.

 PRO: Easy to market

People love staying in unusual places, so it’s easy to market a unique listing simply by sharing jaw-dropping photos.

And since your listing is so unique, it’s easy to optimize your listing to get more clicks.

CON: Smaller Airbnb guest pool

Unique listings aren’t for everyone, and not all guests will want to stay in a treehouse or log cabin. As such, there may be a smaller guest pool on Airbnb for an unusual vacation rental.

 CON: Higher expectations

When guests stay in an unusual Airbnb, their expectations are going to be higher. You already set the bar high with the look of the accommodation, so guests will expect a high level of service and a high-end experience.

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How to Research Unique Listings on Airbnb

It’s really easy to search for unique listings on Airbnb for research purposes. On the homepage, you’ll see the different filters at the top of the page for location, price, type of place, etc.

The “unique listings” filter lets you narrow down your research to specific types of Airbnb, from yurts to boathouses.

The Most Unique Airbnb Listings Out There

We’ve rounded up some of the most unique listings currently available on Airbnb to show you how cool these vacation rentals can be and to give you some Airbnb listing tips.

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A Converted Airplane, France

This converted plane in Le Haut Village sleeps four people. It has a full kitchen, shower, a double bedroom and two singles in a living area – all tucked away in a renovated plane shell.

In the summer, there’s a pool and water slides on the campsite and entertainment for kids. Talk about a unique vacation!

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Birdsong Barn, Nashville

This lovingly restored 20th-century barn sleeps six guests in three bedrooms. Inside, the vaulted ceilings are incredible, and the rustic decor is what you’d expect from a converted barn.

There’s a large stocked kitchen, huge wood table for gatherings, and a hot tub on the deck. There’s even a wet bar and pool table, making this the perfect spot for groups looking for a holiday in the United States.

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Tuff Cliff Cave House, France

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for missing the incredible house built into the side of this cliff. But look a little closer and you’ll see the staircase leading up to Tuff Cliff House.

This famous house has been featured on shows in France and is one of the most unique homes in the entire country. Guests sleep within the cave structure enveloped by the bare walls of the dug-out rooms.

If you’re looking for unique Airbnb experiences, it doesn’t get much more unusual than this.

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The Has Bin, Illinois

Who hasn’t dreamt of staying inside a converted grain bin? The owners of this Airbnb have transformed a disused grain store into a rustic retreat for up to four guests.

With a double bed, kitchen, and full bathroom, you get all the modern conveniences inside this adorable Airbnb. And if you love trains, you’ll spend most of your time sat on the upper deck watching the trains go by on the nearby rail.

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Hideaway Caye, Belize


If you really want to impress your friends, why not stay on your very own private island? This is the ultimate adventure for couples. The island has a cabana with all the amenities, as well as a bar and restaurant just a short walk away.

Guests have access to kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear, as well as incredibly friendly hosts ready to serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Where do I sign up?


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The Lighthouse, New Zealand

Nestled on the quiet coast of Wellington is this charming lighthouse that sleeps two guests. Surrounded by sand and rockpools, it’s the perfect spot for long walks and romantic picnics.

Just around the corner is a quaint cafe as well as restaurants and shops just a short walk away. If you’re looking for a romantic retreat in a unique Airbnb listing, this one is perfect.

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Renovated 1920s Carriage, Australia

For train lovers, it doesn’t get much better than this 1920s converted train carriage. Sleeping up to six guests (although the hosts recommend two to four), the carriage has been thoughtfully restored with salvaged materials to create an authentic interior.

You’ll get a queen-sized bed, outdoor bath, and all the luxuries of a modern Airbnb. The carriage is surrounded by trees, giving a peaceful yet totally unique stay for guests.

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Anemomilos, Greece

This was once a working windmill that ground up wheat to produce flour. Now, it’s a renovated Airbnb with two beds, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

The master bedroom sits on the top floor, giving panoramic views of the stunning ocean and nearby mountains. Outside, there is a pool, kitchen, and shower, perfect for families and couples looking for a unique Airbnb in Greece.

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Navajo Hogan, Arizona

For those who love minimalist camping and the most incredibly stargazing you’ll find, the Hogan experience is perfect.

This tiny house sleeps two people and gives a complete off-the-grid experience just 30 miles from the Grand Canyon. There’s no electricity or running water, but the host leaves all the basics you’ll need for camping.

It’s not for the faint of heart, but this Airbnb unique listing is perfect for anyone who needs a break from the hustle of life.

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Potato, Idaho

Well, we thought staying in a cave was as unusual as it could get. But in Boise, Idaho, you can stay in a potato. The six-ton potato has been recycled from the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour, and now offers unique accommodation to guests.

Don’t let the exterior fool you though, the interior is modern, with a double bed, bathroom, and custom spa retreat. And you’ll be greeted by Dolly the cow on arrival!

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Earthship, New Mexico

Located in the stunning Desert Mesa, the Earthship offers the ultimate luxury in off-grid living. The host built this house from the ground up. It generates its own electricity, funnels its own rainwater, and maintains a comfortable 72 degrees year-round without heating.

This Airbnb has all the luxuries of a high-end hotel with the added benefit of stunning accommodation and unbelievable views from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Amish Bed & Breakfast, Pennsylvania

This quaint B&B gives you the opportunity to interact with a local Amish family and learn more about this authentic way of life. John and Sarah have five kids, their own veggie patch, chickens and horses on their farm, and if they’re not too busy, are happy to give tours.

The Airbnb has two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen, all traditionally decorated in a farmhouse style. For a peaceful stay in a quiet Airbnb, this one ticks a lot of boxes.

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Rest in Pod, Czechia

Boasting the best view of Říp – the Czech national mountain – it’s safe to say these pods are a unique Airbnb listing.

Each pod has a double bed, lounge seats, and an outdoor firepit, while the bathroom is shared. Although the pods are minimal, you go for the unbelievable views, outdoor experience, and peace and quiet.

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Tongui-shaped Cottage, South Korea

This guitar-shaped house has a lot to offer guests. From picnics on the lawn to Ukulele lessons in the workshop, it’s easy to see why this Airbnb is a unique listing.

Sat in an art village, rooms sleep two guests within the Serra Guitar Cultural Museum. The rooms are clean and cozy, and the third floor has a large private balcony for relaxing.

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Yellow Submarine, New Zealand

Calling all Beatles fans, this unique Airbnb property lets you stay inside a yellow submarine.

Suspended among redwood trees, the submarine has one bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen, all quirkily decorated and watched over by Captain Nemo – the mannequin.

The space is filled with marine paraphernalia and is perfect for nautical enthusiasts.

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A Cold War Bunker, New Mexico

This Airbnb has an underground Launch Control Center and a Utility Tunnel that leads to the 186-foot deep Missile Silo. Yes, you’ll be traveling underground to stay in this unique listing.

The private apartment has books and displays showing the history of the bunker, and the owners give a full tour, included in the price of the booking. And although the outside looks a little scary, the inside is cozy and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Conestoga Wagon, Nevada

This unique Airbnb lets you experience an authentic covered wagon sitting on a working ranch. It may look small, but the wagon sleeps four, with three beds and kitchen facilities. It doesn’t have a bathroom, but you get use of the full bathroom in the ranch house.

The wagon is just 45 minutes away from Las Vegas. So, if you’re looking for a unique Airbnb close to the action, this is the one to choose.

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Spaceship, Washington

Take me to your leader! Set on five acres of rural hills, this spaceship looks like the set of Star Trek. Inside, there’s a wet bar, lounge, two full-size beds, and a full bathroom.

If you or your kids are into Sci-Fi, you’ll love this place. It’s full of collectibles, comics, and costumes, to turn your stay into a fully immersive experience. Even if you don’t book a stay, definitely check out the stunning Airbnb pictures to see how well these hosts treat guests.

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The Original Spice Bus, England

For Spice Girls fans, this is the ultimate Airbnb property. The rental is the actual Spice Bus from the movie Spice World, but with a serious interior makeover.

Staying in this bus is a fan’s wildest dream, and the hosts have worked with designers to make this a unique stay. Able to sleep three guests, the bus has two beds, a bathroom, and kitchen facilities, all decorated in the Spice Girls style.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a bar, restaurant, and shop on site – everything you need for a Spice Girls party!

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Want to Become an Airbnb Host?

The hosts of these unique Airbnb listings are great examples of how to become wildly successful on the platform. Each one offers a truly unique experience and has a strong focus on providing a brilliant service.

If you love the idea of becoming an Airbnb host but you don’t have the funds to buy a place, we have you covered.

Want to list your property for short-term rental?  This guide will show you how to sublet an Airbnb and build a successful rental business. 

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