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Travel plans are usually the first to get the axe during an economic downturn as people seek to stretch their dollars. But that shouldn’t always be the case. Thrifty cruise fans have mastered the art of getting the best bang for their buck, regardless of the economic outlook. Doing a Google search, savvy vacationers can enjoy up to four-day cruise vacations for $100 or less.

Leading luxury cruise liners often reward bargain hunters with incredible deals at a steal throughout the year. Dig in and explore some luxury cruise vacations up for grabs for $100 or less in 2024.

Editor’s note: All prices were accurate at the time of this writing.

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2-Day Pacific Northwest Cruise

From: Seattle, Washington 

To: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ship: Westerdam

Departure: September 1, 2024

Starting price: $99

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Passengers aboard Westerdam, an award-winning cruise liner brimming with family-friendly activities and world-class restaurants, can look forward to two luxurious nighttime cruises. The luxury cruise will depart from Seattle, Washington, at dusk and dock at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, at dawn. After spending the day exploring the capital, passengers can retire in comfort as the liner sails for Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Travelers can delight their palates with exquisite global cuisine and sip delicious cocktails as they enjoy the beautiful sunset and ocean views.

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4-Night Northern Europe Cruise

From: Southhampton, London, United Kingdom 

To: Kiel, Germany

Ship: MSC Euribia 

Departure: April 23, 2024

Starting price: $109 

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Four nights aboard the MSC Euribia as the luxury ship sails to Kiel, Germany, from London through Zeebrugge (Bruges), Belgium, sets the pace for an unbridled European vacation that includes two full days at sea. Guests can enjoy a first-class cruising experience at Galleria Euribia, which offers fine dining opportunities, world-class entertainment, and socialization opportunities. Seven stately rooms on the liner are dedicated to the children and teenagers, making each cruise a rewarding family adventure.

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3 Nights Bahamas Cruise

From: Miami, Florida

To: Maimi, Florida 

Ship: MSC Divina 

Departure: December 6, 2024 

Starting price: $53 per night

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Guests onboard MSC Divina are in for a treat as the luxury liner embarks on a roundtrip adventure from Miami to the Bahamas. The liner departs from Miami, Florida, arriving at Nassau, Bahamas, at dawn, before sailing to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, Bahamas, and back to Miami. The liner’s thoughtfully appointed features cater to the needs of all travelers, from solo travelers to families with small kids.

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3-Night Caribbean Cruise

From: Miami, Florida

To: Miami, Florida 

Ship: Carnival Conquest 

Departure: March 22, 2024

Starting price: $93 per night 

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Travelers looking for a unique sea adventure can enjoy three overnight cruises aboard Carnival Conquest as the liner embarks on a round trip to the Bahamas. The cruise liner sails from Miami, Florida, in the late afternoon and treats travelers to a full day at sea before docking at Nassau, Bahamas. Passengers can enjoy an entire day exploring the Bahamas’ sumptuous offerings before the overnight trip back to Miami. 

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2-Night Pacific Coastal Cruise

From: Seattle, Washington 

To: Vancouver, Canada

Ship: Majestic Princess 

Departure: October 10, 2024

Starting price: $84 per night

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Cruise fans onboard Majestic Princess, a Royal Class liner with 15 decks, can look forward to a luxurious two-night cruise. The ship departs from Seattle, Washington, for a full day at sea before docking in Vancouver, Canada. Over 80% of the luxury liner’s suites have a balcony, giving guests panoramic views. Passengers can delight their palates with a delicious thoroughfare from the ship’s multiple specialty restaurants and enjoy limitless amenities tailored to their unique needs.

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3-Night Pacific Ocean Cruise

From: Los Angeles, California

To: Los Angeles, California

Ship: Carnival Radiance

Departure: September 24, 2024

Starting price: $81 per night

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Travelers are in for a rare treat as the Carnival Radiance embarks on a roundtrip to Mexico. The ship’s itinerary is designed to give them a full day at sea for an unforgettable cruise experience before docking at Ensenada, Mexico. Carnival Radiance’s luxurious offerings include specialty restaurants, a SportSquare complex, world-class spas, and an adult-only solarium. After a full day exploring Ensenada’s vibrant culture and beautiful scenery, passengers can settle in for an overnight cruise back to California. 

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3-Night Pacific Coastal Cruise

From: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

To: Seattle, Washington

Ship: Majestic Princess

Departure: May 9, 2024

Starting price: $103 per night 

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Three nights aboard Majestic Princess epitomizes the height of luxury travel. The ship sails from Vancouver, Canada, in the dead night before docking at Victoria, Canada, around midday. After a 12-hour break, the liner resumes its journey, treating passengers to a full day at sea before docking at Seattle, Washington, on a Sunday morning. The luxury liner combines opulence with tailored fun activities that cater to the needs of every guest. 

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3-Night Pacific Coastal Cruise

From: Long Beach, California

To: Long Beach, California

Ship: Carnival Miracle

Departure: May 05, 2024

Starting price: $80 per night

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A grand voyage aboard Carnival Miracle is the perfect getaway for vacationers looking to spend time at sea. The ship sails from Long Beach, California, allowing guests to enjoy a full day at sea before docking in Ensenada, Mexico, and finally at Long Beach, California. Travelers are treated to opulent accommodations and world-class amenities, including specialty restaurants, show lounges, lavish spas, and a top-notch casino. 

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4-Day Pacific Coastal Cruise

From: Los Angeles, California

To: Vancouver, Canada

Ship: Sapphire Princess

Departure: May 7, 2024

Starting price: $55 per day

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Four nights aboard the Sapphire Princess is a dream come true for conscious travelers looking to travel on a budget. The luxury liner departs from Los Angeles, California, for Vancouver, Canada, treating guests to three full days at sea. Guests are treated to a 5-star cruising experience that spans fine dining, limitless entertainment, luxury spas, and dedicated family rooms. 

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