25 budget friendly morning routines to make the most of your day


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Here are 25 budget-friendly morning routines that you should consider incorporating into your life to start your mornings right.

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1. Drink some water

After a good night of sleep, our body is in need of water. I like to place a glass of water on my bedside table to encourage myself to drink water as soon as I wake up. Your body and your skin will thank you for keeping yourself well-hydrated.

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2. Smile

Every new day is a miracle. The fact that we are able to enjoy life, to experience emotions and to feel love for another day is certainly a reason for us to smile. It is a simple thing to add to your list of morning routines that will brighten your day.

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3. Freshen up

Many of us may feel groggy upon waking up, especially when we binge-watch Netflix till daybreak but still have to wake up the next morning at 7am. The all-too-familiar morning breaths are also urging us to pick up our mint toothpaste and freshen up.

Of course, freshening up is more than brushing your teeth. Wash your face, comb your hair, put on some good clothes, and get ready for the new day!

A good dose of self-pampering introduces the feels-good vibe into your life as you start the day. If you subconsciously associate pampering with special spa treatments and all the things that cost an arm and a leg, think again. Pampering doesn’t have to be expensive. A body mist that smells heavenly, or a moisturizer that feels luxurious, can do the trick. All you need are some little luxuries.

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5. Do some stretching

Do some morning stretches to kick-start your day. Even the simplest morning stretches will energize you, boost your confidence, and make you feel good. All you need is a small space and 5 minutes in the morning. If you are looking for some stretching ideas, head to Healthline to learn 7 different moves you can follow!

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6. Drink coffee or tea

Many of us may feel like a morning is not complete without some caffeine in our system. This is totally okay. Studies have shown that moderate amounts of caffeine can have benefits for our health.

Making your own coffee or tea at home is much budget-friendlier than purchasing it from a coffee shop. However, if you like the latter and feel like it enhances your life, it is certainly a small luxury that you do not have to deny yourself!

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7. Eat a nutritious breakfast

Having a nutritious breakfast is an important element of a good morning. If you are looking for some breakfast ideas, check out my recipes for sweet potato muffins, or homemade scones! Add an egg, a glass of milk and a fruit, and you have an amazing breakfast that will provide enough energy and nutrients till lunch time.

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8. Chat with your family

Although it is nice to eat a nutritious breakfast, it is even better if you can enjoy the breakfast with others. Chatting with your family during breakfast can be a great bonding experience for all parties involved. Even if you can’t manage to share a meal together, I still recommend that you spend a few minutes chatting with your loved ones.

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9. Tell your family you love them

Love is the universal language that binds us together, so let’s take the time to tell your family that you love them. Hugs and kisses are also recommended!

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10. Text good morning to a friend

When’s the last time you texted a good old “good morning” to a friend? Give it a try. I am sure your friend will be delighted to receive your message!

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11. Clear your physical space

If you are too tired to do it the night before (and I have to admit that I have done it more than once), then morning is the time to clear your physical space. It helps you get ready for the new day.

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12. Listen to a podcast

Morning is a great time to broaden your horizon. While you are tidying up your physical space, why not listen to a podcast, like a TED Talk, in the mean time?

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13. Read a few pages

If you happen to be an early riser or have some extra time in the morning, then reading a few pages of a book can be a great routine that makes your morning even more productive. If you have to commute to work by public transit, you can bring a book with you as well. It doesn’t have to always be a serious book exploring human nature or career advancement. Reading some funny stories can help set a happy tone for the day.

If you don’t have time to read a few pages of a book, reading something short and uplifting, like motivational quotes or a blog post from your favorite blogger, will work just as well!

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14. Browse the news

Browsing the news, either on the newspaper or the internet, can give us a quick understanding of the major events happening around the world. News, no matter what form it comes in, keeps us connected to the world around us.

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15. Check your emails

Checking my emails is one of the morning routines I follow quite religiously. It helps me feel organized. I go through all the unread emails, quickly glance through them all, and delete all the ones I don’t need while flagging all the ones that require special attention. Organizing my emails gives me a small sense of accomplishment early in the day that encourages me to tackle more difficult tasks that come afterwards.

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16. Create/review your to-do list

Having a to-do list helps set your goals for the day. Morning is a great time to create your to-do list, or to review it if you already created the list the night before. I love crossing off tasks as I finish them throughout the day, and I feel a genuine sense of accomplishment if I manage to finish everything before I go to bed.

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17. Learn something new

I like to study in the morning before breakfast. Morning is the optimal time for me to learn, because I find myself understanding concepts much more easily, and remembering things more readily early in the morning. It may be due to a combination of a good night’s sleep and lack of distraction, because most of the world is still asleep. It is just me, my textbook, and my pen on paper scribbling.

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18. Spend time on your hobby

Working on your hobby is also a great morning routine to have. If you are a blogger like me, you may want to wake up a bit earlier to work on that rough draft, send another email, or read about blogging tips. If you are into photography, you may want to spend the time learning how to improve your skills.

Of course, you need to be mindful of everybody around you, so if your hobby is playing drums, you may want to refrain from playing when everybody is still asleep. Unless, of course, that you have soundproofed your room!

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19. Review your finances

It doesn’t have to be a super long session in which you review your personal net worth to see when you can become a millionaire and calculate your personal budget. Just a quick check on your previous day’s expenses will suffice.

If you are interested in a getting a copy of the monthly expense tracker that I personally use, you can get it for FREE if you sign up for my mailing list!

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20. Take care of plants

If you are a plant person, taking care of plants in the morning will bring a smile to your face. The vitality of the plants and the slight physical activities involved with watering and trimming the plants will leave you feel refreshed and ready to start the day.

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21. Play with your pet

If you have a pet at home, spending a few minutes in the morning playing with your pet can be another one of the fantastic morning routines to have. Even better, you can take your puppy out for a walk and get some fresh air and exercise in!

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22. Workout

I understand that difficult people have different preferences, but for me, I much prefer working out in the morning. If you are like me, who have difficulty motivating myself to work out after a full day of work, you may want to institute a routine of morning workout sessions in your life as well. I love following workout videos on YouTube, though I also like to mix things up a little and opt for a run or a brisk walk sometimes. 

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23. Listen to music

I love listening to music as I start my day. I oftentimes will choose the music to help me set the tone of my day. For example, if it is a lazy Sunday morning, then I will put on some soothing and relaxing music. If it is a busy Tuesday morning with a big presentation coming up, I may put on some more upbeat music to get me in the zone as quickly as possible.

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24. Meditate

The quietude and peacefulness of early morning makes it the perfect time for meditation. This morning routine helps set a tone of calmness for your day, builds focus, and provides a general sense of well-being that will help you go through the rest of your day with more ease.

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25. A routine of no morning routines (occasionally)

OK, this one is only reserved for those lazy days, but hey, we all need some days of pure relaxation, don’t we? In this society where we are encouraged to move faster all the time, it is worthwhile to relax at least occasionally. Establish boundaries for yourself, and give yourself the much needed self-care by allowing yourself to sleep until you wake up naturally, to wear the most comfortable pajamas, and to flip through magazines without aim.

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