30 jobs for introverts who don’t have a degree


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People with introverted personality traits tend to prefer working independently instead of collaboratively with others. Thankfully, there are plenty of jobs that offer that environment, and many don’t require a college degree.

Introverts can find and excel in a variety of high-paying, low-stress jobs — if they know where to find them.

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Why It Can Be Difficult for an Introvert to Find Work

Job postings almost never explicitly state “This job is great for introverts!” On the contrary, many job postings use buzzwords and phrases like “cross-collaboration,” “being a team player,” and “working in a fast-paced environment,” which can all be red flags for an introvert. This is because, unlike extroverts, introverts tend to seek out environments that don’t involve a lot of public speaking, group discussion, or collaboration. Instead, they prefer to work independently on tasks that play to their individual strengths and preferences in a more low-stress environment.

It’s a misconception that working remotely is a viable solution for every introvert, when in fact many remote jobs still require a good amount of virtual interaction and collaboration with others.


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What Makes the Ideal Job for an Introvert

According to conventional psychology, introverts prefer to spend time with just one or two people, rather than larger groups or crowds. They’re not necessarily loners; in fact, many introverts have highly acute social skills. However, introverts tend to gravitate toward situations and environments where they feel less pressure to react or respond quickly, or to engage with multiple people.

Therefore, an ideal job for an introvert allows them to:

•   Work independently

•   Work alone or in quiet spaces that allow them to think

•   Focus on one task at a time

•   Engage one-on-one instead of in large groups

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What Kind of Work Does Not Fit an Introvert

Jobs that require a lot of collaborating with or presenting to large groups of people are generally not suited to people with introverted tendencies. Introverts tend to want to avoid group brainstorms or jobs that force them to regularly verbalize their thoughts and feelings to multiple people at once.

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30 Jobs for Introverts Without a Degree

Finding a rewarding job as an introvert doesn’t necessarily require a college degree or a lot of deep exploration. You simply need to find jobs that suit your interests and cater to the personality traits of an introverted person.

Here are 30 jobs for an introvert that do not require a college degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

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1. Web Developer

•   2021 Average Salary: $77,210

•   Primary Duties: Design, code, and develop websites and oversee site performance and functionality.

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2. Farmer or Rancher

•   2021 Average Salary: $73,060

•   Primary Duties: Oversee the production of crops, livestock, and dairy products.

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3. Blogger

•   2021 Average Salary: $69,510

•   Primary Duties: Write original copy for personal or business websites.

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4. Plumber

•   2021 Average Salary: $59,880

•   Primary Duties: Install and repair piping fixtures.

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5. Postal Service Mail Carrier

•   2021 Average Salary: $52,440

•   Primary Duties: Collect, sort, and deliver mail to businesses and private residences.

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6. Craft Artist

•   2021 Average Salary: $49,960

•   Primary Duties: Create original works of art for sale and exhibition using a variety of materials.

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7. HVACR Technician

•   2021 Average Salary: $48,630

•   Primary Duties: Assemble and repair heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

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8. Drywall Installer

•   2021 Average Salary: $48,350

•   Primary Duties: Cut and hang panels of wallboard inside buildings.

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9. Delivery Truck Driver

•   2021 Average Salary: $48,310

•   Primary Duties: Pick up, transport, and deliver packages or goods from one location to another.

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10. Carpenter

•   2021 Average Salary: $48,260

•   Primary Duties: Design, construct, and restore building structures and frameworks built from different materials.

Image Credit: istockphoto/Deagreez.

11. Embalmer

•   2021 Average Salary: $47,780

•   Primary Duties: Prepare the bodies of the deceased for interment.

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12. Paperhanger

•   2021 Average Salary: $47,610

•   Primary Duties: Cover interior walls or ceilings with decorative wallpaper or fabric.

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13. Roofer

•   2021 Average Salary: $47,110

•   Primary Duties: Replace, repair, and install roofs on buildings and houses.

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14. Surveying and Mapping Technician

•   2021 Average Salary: $46,910

•   Primary Duties: Collect data and take land measurements in order to create maps of the Earth’s surface.

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15. Mechanic

•   2021 Average Salary: $46,880

•   Primary Duties: Inspect, repair, and maintain automobiles and other modes of transport.

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16. Bookkeeper

•   2021 Average Salary: $45,560

•   Primary Duties: Produce and maintain financial records for businesses.

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17. Transcriptionist

•   2021 Average Salary: $44,030

•   Primary Duties: Transfer words, text or voice recording into formal letters, reports or other documents.

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18. Software Quality Assurance Tester

•   2021 Average Salary: $41,950

•   Primary Duties: Test software to identify problems and learn how the software works.

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19. Animal Breeder

•   2021 Average Salary: $40,090

•   Primary Duties: Breed and raise a variety of animals that produce meat or material.

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20. Photographer

•   2021 Average Salary: $38,950

•   Primary Duties: Produce, record, and potentially edit for personal or professional use.

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21. Proofreader

•   2021 Average Salary: $38,716

•   Primary Duties: Read content and correct for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

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22. Landscaper

•   2021 Average Salary: $35,240

•   Primary Duties: Maintain outdoor grounds through mowing, trimming, planting, watering, fertilizing, raking, and other methods.

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23. Library Assistant

•   2021 Average Salary: $34,050

•   Primary Duties: Help librarians organize library materials, assist patrons, and perform other administrative tasks.

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24. Animal Trainer

•   2021 Average Salary: $31,280

•   Primary Duties: Teach animals skills such as obedience, performance, riding, security, and assisting people.

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25. Medical Transcription

•   2021 Average Salary: $30,100

•   Primary Duties: Transcribe voice recordings from physicians and nurses and convert them into written reports.

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26. Floral Designer

•   2021 Average Salary: $29,880

•   Primary Duties: Design and arrange decorative displays using live, dried, or silk flowers.

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27. Janitor

•   2021 Average Salary: $29,760

•   Primary Duties: Clean and sterilize buildings, schools, hospitals, and other commercial businesses.

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28. Crematory Operator

•   2021 Average Salary: $29,610

•   Primary Duties: Perform cremations, including the preparation and transfer of the body post-service.

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29. Hand Sewer

•   2021 Average Salary: $29,930

•   Primary Duties: Sew, reinforce, or finish manufactured items usually with needle and thread.

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30. Notary

•   2021 Average Salary: $28,889

•   Primary Duties: Serve as an impartial witness for the purpose of signing documents or acknowledging legal signatures on documents.

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The Takeaway

Finding a low-stress job that doesn’t require a college degree isn’t impossible for an introvert. In fact, many high-paying and rewarding jobs are well-suited to the personality traits of an introverted person.

Introvert or not, everyone can benefit from better budget planning and tools that give you back control of your finances.


Is self-employment good for introverts with anxiety?

Jobs that are conducive to self-employment can be a good fit for introverts that get anxiety working within large teams or with multiple people. However, self-employment can also create stress if it requires you to find your own clients or manage a larger workload on your own.

What is a good job for someone with introverted qualities?

Jobs that allow you to work independently and in quiet, low-stress environments are generally better for introverts, who tend to prefer solitude or limited one-on-one interaction.

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