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Giving roses to your special someone on Valentine’s Day is an age-old custom. It’s almost expected at this point, whether you’re in a committed relationship or seeing someone casually. Roses tell the tale, expressing your interest or love for the person in an elegant and beautiful way.

Why roses? It all goes back to the ancient Greeks, whose affinity for the passionate red flower is the stuff of legend. In fact, it’s said that when Aphrodite cried, rose bushes emerged from the ground. The Romans anointed her as their goddess and considered the rose a symbol of her beauty and love. Today, it’s more than just an ode to Aphrodite — it’s emblematic of true love, meaningful connections, and special relationships that are destined to stand the test of time.

Despite the beauty and meaning behind the rose and the obvious link to the most romantic holiday of the year, there’s certainly room on Valentine’s Day for other contenders to take their place. That doesn’t make the rose any less special — it was and likely will forever be the unofficial yet still somehow “official” Valentine’s Day flower of the holiday.

But there’s no reason to commit yourself solely to roses. Maybe that’s what you always give your love and you want to try something new. Maybe you know there’s another flower they’ll love. Maybe you want to celebrate the occasion with a memorable arrangement. Maybe you’re about to propose and want to make sure the flowers are just slightly different from the norm. Whatever the situation, the right flowers will make all the difference this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re interested in giving something different to your loved one this year, why not consider something other than roses? From sunflowers and lilies to chrysanthemums and tulips, these wonderful flowers are just as beautiful and meaningful. At the same time, they step away from the tried and true without ever sacrificing even a hint of charm. Isn’t that what it’s all about in the end? Here are a few options to keep in mind.

Alternatives to Roses for Valentine’s Day

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Chrysanthemums
  3. Tulips
  4. Lilies

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The Power of Color

What exactly is the power of color? At its core, it evokes certain emotions. The new year alone is synonymous with certain tones — uplifting and celebratory shades like gold and red in particular. They’re a reminder of the holiday season and all the glitz and glamour that you’ll customarily encounter at a party.

During winter, color plays an especially important role. Rich shades resonate with the season, and cheerfully radiant colors brighten the environment when the sky grows dimmer and the rooms of your home grow darker.

That’s precisely why you’ll find pops of yellow, violet, and blue in wintertime arrangements.

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The radiant sunflower says so much. As joyous as the rose is romantic, this vibrant yellow wonder is one of Mother Nature’s most treasured gifts. It’s linked to feelings of happiness, optimism, adoration, loyalty, peace, and devotion. A single glance is enough to elicit a smile or a flush of pure joy. There’s almost no better feeling than knowing that you’ve surprised them with something so special. And what more fitting emotions than these could there be to express to that person in your life who you can’t imagine being without?

It’s at its best when it’s presented in abundance. Brimming with the enchanting sunshine-hued bloom, it can be blended with lush baby’s breath and Ruscus for texture and fullness. The result is an unforgettable arrangement that’s sure to bring a smile to your love’s face. Isn’t that what you’re going for on Valentine’s Day?

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The versatility of the chrysanthemum is unsurpassed. Flower lovers will recognize mums at a glance, but what’s less commonly known is the fact that they’re representative of so many different traits around the world. In the United States, they’re generally associated with precisely the emotions and feelings you might associate with your special someone, like joy, hope, longevity, and optimism. That makes them the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

Another advantage of this classic bloom is the sheer variety that you’ll find. It’s available in dozens of colors, many of which are just right for giving to your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

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The tulip is undeniably one of the most suitable rose alternatives to give to someone you love on Valentine’s Day. This dainty blossom is symbolic of a deep, true, flawless love. It’s reflective of that lasting bond you share with the one who has been by your side through thick and thin. It’s a representation of unconditional love, passion, and romance, with red being the most romantic of all. Pink is another option that’s perfect for giving to someone you care about because it symbolizes attachment and positivity. When to choose pink over red? Think about where you are in your relationship. Red signifies passion and deep commitment, while pink suggests you’re on the way there. Either way, you are destined to bring a big smile to their face.

If your significant other loves red roses but you want to step outside of your comfort zone, a bundle of red tulips is undoubtedly the perfect substitute.

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When in doubt, give a lily — a pink one, that is. Color makes all the difference where this delicate and graceful flower is concerned. The blush-toned hue is reflective of endearing qualities like love, admiration, understanding, and compassion. Why wouldn’t you want to surprise someone special with something so meaningful and thoughtful? Lilies aren’t just expressive but also downright graceful and beautiful.

From its lavish petals to its delicate structure, it’s an instant showstopper — and such a beauty to give to your love on Valentine’s Day.


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