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Nothing says summer quite like chilling with friends and family while enjoying an even chillier dessert. No matter if you’re planning a mid-summer barbecue or just looking for a sweet summer treat on a breezy summer night, we’ve rounded up a list of quick and easy desserts to make your summer even better.

These recipes really focus on the easy, and range from light and fruity to decadent and chocolatey, so there’s plenty here for all taste buds. Keep on reading for some yummy summer recipes!

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S’mores Remixes

Looking to spice up your next S’mores? These recipes will sure to be a hit no matter if you’re making them over a bonfire or a stovetop.

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1. Best-Ever S’mores

Do you seem to always burn your marshmallow or never get your chocolate melty when you make S’mores? This recipe will teach you to make the perfect classic S’mores, no frills or gimmicks!

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2. S’mores Rice Krispies

S’mores and Rice Krispies bars share one key ingredient: melty marshmallows! That’s enough to make this the perfect combo dish. The best part? It’s still a no-bake, no-cook recipe.

Image Credit: Elissa @ 17 and Baking / Flickr.

3. Caramel Apple S’mores

This one’s a fruity take on your traditional S’mores recipe. You can skip the graham crackers and use apples to sandwich your sweet fillings, or you can just add apples as part of your fillings. This particular recipe calls for a drizzle of warm caramel sauce over your marshmallow and chocolate.

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4. Bacon S’mores

So, there are a couple ways you can bacon-ize your S’mores. Replace your graham crackers by “weaving” bacon pieces together or just add chopped up bacon to the S’mores!

Want to get really gourmet? Check out these bacon brands you’ve probably never heard of.

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5. Tortilla S’mores

This one is also pretty easy. Instead of using graham crackers, wrap up all your ingredients in a tortilla on your stovetop and fold like you would any other tortilla.

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6. S’mores Pops

The hardest part about this recipe is waiting for everything to chill! You’ll also need a popsicle mold to make it super easy. Pour melted chocolate into your mold, then add mini melted marshmallows. Crumble graham crackers into your mold as your base layer, and let freeze.

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7. Strawberry S’mores

This fruity twist is super easy and super good! Use either sliced strawberries as your graham crackers, or put the slices into your S’mores as a separate layer. You can also do this with banana slices or pretty much any other fruit.

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8. Salted Caramel S’mores

If you want a more decadent S’mores, try this salted caramel version! Just drip hot caramel on your marshmallow, sprinkle on some salt and smash it all together with your top graham cracker.

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9. Mexican Chocolate S’mores

Want something spicier? Just sprinkle cinnamon and chilli powder on top of your chocolate bar!

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10. S’mores Skillet

The S’mores skillet is a classic, especially if you’re feeding a crowd. Melt mini marshmallows and chocolate on a skillet, and simply dip with your graham cracker!

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Ice cream & other frozen goodies

Frozen treats are great for a hot summer day! Note that these recipes will require more time since you need everything to freeze before enjoying. But if you can wait that long, these easy recipes will be great for you!

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11. No-Churn Ice Cream

Who has time to make churned ice cream? Not us! Heavy cream and condensed milk are the key to making ice cream without an ice cream maker.

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12. Banana Split Kabobs

Banana split kabobs just require you to cut up bananas (and any other fruit you want!), put them on a kabob stick and sprinkle them with whatever toppings you want. The linked recipe recommends chocolate sauce and crushed nuts.

Image Credit: lovebakesgoodcakes / Flickr.

13. Gin & Tonic Pops

These boozy-inspired pops are for adults only! Just make a gin & tonic and add condensed milk. Pour into a Dixie cup, stick a popsicle in it and garnish with a sliced lime.

Image Credit: Wine Dharma / Flickr.

14. Frozen Greek Yogurt

While this recipe has a way to make your frozen Greek yogurt even more yummy, you could always just buy yogurt and put it in the freezer!

Image Credit: matthewennisphotography.

15. Frosty Watermelon Ice

Watermelon lovers won’t want to skip this watermelon ice recipe! Mix a teaspoon of unflavored gelatin with water, lime, honey and seedless watermelon. Blend, chill and serve!

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16. Chocolate Pudding Pops

This is another no-nonsense recipe. Buy a pack of pudding, mix it up, pour in a cup, stick a popsicle in it and chill. Don’t feel like making a mess? Buy pudding cups, stick a popsicle through the  foil lid and place in the freezer!

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17. Waffle Sandwiches

Waffle sandwiches will require you to either make waffles or buy and toast up some frozen ones. Once you’ve got your waffles, break them either in half or in quarters, put a scoop of ice cream on one, sprinkle with, well, sprinkles, and put a waffle on top.

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18. Iced Coffee Cream

Coffee lovers will love this one! Just make your favorite coffee and let it chill. Take a creamer of your choice and froth it either with a whisker or a frother. Top your coffee with it and add whipped cream to make it even sweeter. You can also blend it all together with ice to make it a homemade frappuccino!

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19. Frozen Yogurt Bars

Yogurt bars really just require yogurt, a pan and whatever fruit you want. Just pour yogurt out on a pan in strips, place on fruit and pop it in the freezer. If you want to make an oats and biscuit base for your bars, you can find a recipe here.

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20. Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites

Frozen chocolate banana bites are a no-brainer on a hot day! Slice up a banana, melt some melting chocolate on your stove, and dip the bananas in with a popsicle or toothpick. You can freeze them with or without the toothpick, depending on your preference.

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Fruity Dishes

Are you looking to embrace summer’s abundance of fruity options? These recipes will add some tart and tangy flavors to your summer vacation or stay-cation!

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21. Prosecco Grapes

Prosecco fans can jazz up their grapes by soaking them overnight in Prosecco. If you want a sweeter treat, you can top them with sugar. You can either eat them as-is or freeze them for a colder snack.

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22. Frozen Fruit Cups

Frozen fruit cups are a frosty take on a childhood lunch classic. Mix together fruits of your choice with thawed pineapple-orange concentrate and lemon juice. Put your mixture in a small plastic cup, cover with plastic wrap and pop them into the freezer.

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22. Margarita Mousse

This mousse may take a bit longer than frozen fruit cups, but it’s totally worth it if you’re looking to up your boozy dessert game! Mix together ready-to-serve margarita mix, sweet condensed milk, lime juice and sugar. Fold in slightly thawed whipped cream. You can top it with crushed pretzels mixed with melted butter, sugar and lime slices.

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23. Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream

To grill peaches, follow this recipe to cut your peaches perfectly in half. Place the peaches on the grill until desired, and put a scoop of ice cream in the middle if you want an added treat!

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24. Blueberry Parfait

This parfait is super easy to customize if blueberries aren’t your thing. Just buy a tub of plain vanilla yogurt, whatever your preferred fruits are and either graham crackers to crush up or granola. Layer the three ingredients in a cup or bowl in whatever order you want, and top with a bit of granola or crushed graham crackers!

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25. Blueberry Lemon Shake

For this recipe, you’ll just need to toss vanilla ice cream, blueberries, lemon juice and lemon zest in a blender. Like the parfait, you can also customize this one with whatever fruits you want!

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26. Ginger Lime and Mint Stone Salad

For this fruit salad, cut peaches, plums and nectarines into slices. In a saucepan, boil together water, sugar and ginger on low for about 10 minutes. Strain out the ginger and let cool. In a serving bowl, toss together your sliced fruits and the ginger mixture. Add lime juice and mint for extra flavor.

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27. Strawberry Butter

Strawberry butter is great on rolls, bagels or even as a dip for other fruits! You just need strawberries, powdered sugar and butter to make it, too! Hand mix butter until it’s whipped, stir in the powdered sugar and fold in your strawberries until combined well.

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28. Blueberry Lemon Trifle

This recipe sounds a lot more complicated than it looks! Buy already-made angel food cake and rip it into smaller cubes (or cut if you want it to look neater!). Put that at the bottom of a cup or bowl as your base. In a separate bowl, combine lemon yogurt and pie filling, and put that on top of your angel food cake. Then, put blueberries on top. Keep layering until you’re satisfied!

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Cookies, Cakes & More

In the mood for some baked (or non-baked!) goods? Here are a few  summery twists on some classic desserts that won’t take you a ton of time or resources to make!

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29. Mason Jar Cherry Supreme

For this easy take on a cherry supreme, just crush graham crackers into the bottom of a mason jar. Use a box of Dream Whip for your creamy base, and top with cherry pie filling (or a filling of your choice!).

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30. No-Bake Cheesecake Cups

For these easy cheesecake cups, just crumble graham crackers mixed with melted butter  at the bottom of a mason jar or cup. In a mixing bowl, whisk whipped cream until it develops peaks. In a separate bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with a hand mixer. Fold your whipped cream into this and put on top of the graham cracker. Top it with fruit or a pie filling.

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31. Keto Peanut Butter Cookies

These no-bake cookies just require peanut butter, coconut flour and sugar-free maple syrup. Melt your peanut butter and syrup together in the microwave and mix the flour with it. Make balls out of the mixture and flatten to look like a cookie.

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32. Apple Cobbler

This brillant recipe recommends just using canned cinnamon rolls for your cobbler dough! Top with apple pie filling and cinnamon, pop in the oven and serve!

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33. Edible Cookie Dough

For this edible cookie dough recipe, you’ll need to mix together almond flour, peanut butter, coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract and chocolate chips. Form balls with the dough, cool and serve.

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34. Glazed Donut Strawberry Shortcake

This may sound over-the-top, but it’s an easy way to put a twist on a classic summer dessert! Buy a glazed donut and slice it in half to create a top and bottom bun. Mix together whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract, and put the mixture on both buns. Cut strawberries into slices and put them in between the cream, and smash the two halves together for one epic strawberry shortcake!

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35. Nutella Cups

While you can take more time to make these cups stronger with this recipe, you can also just buy cookie dough, shape it into a cup, place a piece of foil in the divot to keep the hole from filling in the oven and heat. Once cooled, scoop in Nutella!

Image Credit: Karen E. Breen / Flickr.

36. Strawberry Icebox Cake

This ice cream cake only requires about three ingredients: whipped cream, strawberries and graham crackers. In a cake pan, spread a thin layer of whipped cream to completely cover the bottom. Layer graham crackers on top until the whipped cream is pretty much entirely covered, and sprinkle cut up strawberries on top. Repeat for as many layers as you want. Freeze for about three hour and serve!

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37. Peanut Butter Bars

To make this layered peanut butter bar, just combine peanut butter, crushed granola crackers and powdered sugar. Spread the mixture out evenly on a square cake pan. In a microwave, melt peanut butter and chocolate chips together and mix until combined. Pour this evenly on top of your base and let chill in the fridge.

Image Credit: the_sweet_spot / Flickr.

38. Sugar Cookie Bars

For the cookie part of this recipe, you just need to combine nut butter, coconut flour, maple syrup, vanilla protein powder and cinnamon. Smooth this out into a pan and let it freeze. For the icing, just put coconut butter and maple syrup in the microwave and mix together. Pour this on top of the cooled bars.

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39. Strawberries and Angel Food Cake

The best part of this recipe is it only involves a few ingredients from the grocery store! Just buy a premade angel food cake and crumble it into the bottom of a bowl. Mix together softened cream cheese sugar until it’s fluffy, and put that on top of the crumbled cake. Top it off with sliced strawberries and store-bought strawberry glaze. Want a simpler recipe? Just top your angel food cake off with the strawberries and glaze and serve as-is!

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40. Kool-Aid Pie

This one will be a hit with the kids! Combine whipped cream and sweetened condensed milk in a mixer. Add a Kool-Aid of your choice into the mix, and scoop into an already-made graham crust. Cool in the fridge and serve!

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