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Many of us know the excitement that comes with moving somewhere new. New house, new beginnings, new memories waiting to be made. Exciting prospects of maybe getting new furniture and building relationships with new neighbors.

Many people don’t realize when welcoming others to the neighborhood or giving a housewarming gift to someone that there is no “right” gift to give and that whoever receives the gift from you will appreciate it more than you know.

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Dessert and a gift card from your favorite local restaurant.

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat? Few people would refuse an offered dessert, right? Desserts from your favorite restaurant are a great treat to introduce new neighbors to local eateries. And a gift card will allow them to explore the area and check it out further on their own. To err on the side of caution, we recommend getting them a variety of desserts and writing a note or letting them know what each item to be mindful of allergies. This is an easy and sweet gesture to both welcome them and share insider information about notable local businesses.

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Now if you have a pretty garden and feel like creating a little bouquet, or if you’re someone who enjoys looking at flowers when out in the store or driving around, this may be the best gift for you to give. Flowers are a great way to welcome an individual as it helps both brighten a place up and make someone feel at home.

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Meal Train

Now, what is a meal train? This is when you gather a group of individuals to create a signup to coordinate dates and meals they plan to provide as part of a group support effort. The best part of organizing a meal train to welcome a new neighbor to the neighborhood is to take cooking off of the new neighbor’s mind and provide them with some home-cooked or locally-prepared meals. We recommend both meals that can be heated in the oven as well as meals that they are able to freeze and use at a later date.


By creating the meal train, you are making it so that the individual who bought the new home does not have to worry about cooking, but also it’s a way to meet other neighbors in the neighborhood. 

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Make a welcome basket.

welcome basket can always be a safe bet for a gift for someone who has just moved into a new house. The best part about creating a gift basket is that you are able to be as creative as you want. The goal is to make your new neighbor feel welcome and at home in their new house. 

Some themed gift basket ideas:

  • A cleaning basket includes dish towels, dish soap and scrubber, trash bags, batteries, cleaning wipes, pens, and sticky notes.
  • A movie night basket with microwave popcorn, candy, movies, etc.
  • For a classier approach, you could gift a basket with crackers, cheese, a cutting board, salami, nuts, and chocolate.
  • A self care gift basket includes magazines, information about local favorite restaurants, places to work out, and places to visit. Fruit (fresh or dry) depends on what your esthetic preference is. Nice cooking oil and some nice popcorn.

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A candle

A scented or decorative candle is a gift that instantly creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere to a new home. The hardest part about giving someone a candle is finding a scent not too overpowering for an individual’s senses.

The trickiest thing about gifting candles is that there are many different colors, sizes, and scents to choose from.

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A QR code for their wifi password.

We don’t know about you, but this was a new and brilliant idea for a housing-warming gift for someone. With the QR code, new residents can set up wifi and include the login information in a direct QR code. After finishing the setup, all they have to do is choose a simple place in their home to put it. Instead of memorizing the WiFi password, guests can scan the QR code and get connected to the internet within seconds.

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A flowering plant or a succulent.

A flowering potted plant or succulent brings life to any space. Be mindful of plants toxic to pets and may require extensive upkeep. Ensure you’re not gifting your friend an extra chore. Succulents require less frequent attention and maintenance, while still bringing verdant life to a space.


These are just some of the many possibilities for what to get someone with a new house. We hope you found an idea or two for next time someone close to you moves to a new home.

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