5 Millennial Home Decor Trends to Upgrade Your Bedroom


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What do neutral colors, functional furniture, and eco-friendly materials have in common? Answer: They’re all elements that you’re likely to find in a millennial’s bedroom. From bamboo textiles to matching nightstands, take a look at the five most popular millennial home decor trends—and learn how you can adapt each one to help elevate your own sleep space. 

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1. Duvets

Start in bed, go anywhere? According to content creator and interior stylist Imani Keal, for millennials with duvets, the answer is a yes.

“Growing up, I used to be a solid comforter girl,” she shares. “But millennials are growing older. We want to invest in our homes—make them really special, get that hotel suite at home. And there is something about sleeping under a duvet that just makes me feel more like an adult!”

A comforter, Keal explains, is essentially just a blanket. It can be made from multiple different materials and have any pattern or color. Your comforter goes on the outermost layer of your bed.

Think of a duvet like a pocket. You can put a comforter or a duvet insert—which you won’t have to wash as often—inside. Duvets are also beneficial because of the built-in customization: Change up the look of your bed with different duvets or switch out your duvet insert each season to help regulate your temperature. 

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2. Sustainable materials

For millennials, climate change is a hot topic. Over half of millennials feel anxious about the environment. They also take action to minimize their individual environmental impact. 

And that consciousness may be what’s leading many millennials to choose sustainable, eco-friendly materials for their bedrooms. 

“Millennials are drawn to minimalist aesthetics and often lean toward eco-friendly options,” says Alex Robinson, an interior designer with Mackenzie Collier Interiors. 

She recommends choosing furniture made from reclaimed or sustainably sourced materials. “This not only aligns with eco-conscious values but also enhances the bedroom’s overall appeal, creating a balanced and visually pleasing environment,” says Robinson.  

Want to jump on the trend? Consider incorporating reclaimed wood furniture or bamboo textiles in your bedroom for a touch of sustainability. 

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3. Tasteful technology

Keal says many people are investing in their sleep by going to bed without technology. For example, she explains, many millennials no longer have a TV in their bedroom. But that doesn’t mean all tech is banned—she uses her Alexa at night, which automatically begins playing her go-to sleep playlist (Coffee Classic) at 11 pm.

“It separates my bedroom as this place that is meant for sleep,” she says. “Peace out, I’m getting my eight hours, good night! People are making their bedrooms a tech-free space. And if they are utilizing tech, it’s done in a way that allows you to be more hands-off from the experience—you’re automating things so they’re just happening.”

Bottom line? If millennials are using technology in the bedroom, it’s highly functional, with the goal of helping create a sanctuary space where they can wind down for sleep. 

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4. Nightstands

For millennials, who like minimalism and organization, furniture is all about function—and if you’re prioritizing functional pieces, look no further than the humble nightstand.  

“A lot of us are living in a really small apartment where you only have room for a bed—especially with people prioritizing getting a queen bed,” Keal says. “I didn’t have a nightstand for four years. But now I have a nightstand again, and I’m like, how was I living life without this beautiful contraption next to my bed?!”

She recommends getting two nightstands that match each other but look different from your bed. They’re great spaces to organize items like your journals, medication, or any tasteful tech you’re using in the bedroom. 

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5. Statement pieces

Our final piece of advice to help you get on board with millennial home decor trends? Incorporate a statement piece into your bedroom.

“Millennials appreciate the clean, minimalist look, but they also love adding unique and eye-catching decor to bring life to their spaces,” Robinson says. “To achieve a balanced and visually appealing environment, they enjoy combining simplicity with bold statement pieces that add character to the overall ambiance. Take, for instance, a well-proportioned sculptural artwork—it doesn’t just eliminate empty spaces but also brings captivating visual appeal.” 

Robinson recommends opting for a bold mural or unique wallpaper design to express your personality. Or plan a thrifting day and look for a vintage decor piece that adds a touch of nostalgia. 

She also shares her expert input on wall decor: “Millennials are embracing the shift towards a singular, larger art piece instead of the traditional gallery wall concept with smaller art pieces. This trend creates a distinctive and impactful centerpiece, contributing significantly to the overall design narrative of the room.”

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What type of decor do millennials like?

“Millennials gravitate toward a minimal yet functional design,” Robinson says. Millennial home decor trends favor a clean and streamlined aesthetic, with an emphasis on neutral colors and sustainability.

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What’s the difference between Gen Z and millennial decor?

Millennial decor appreciates functionality, minimalism, and neutral colors. Gen Z is more willing to take a risk. They embrace vibrant colors and eclectic elements, leaning toward personality pieces rather than prioritizing pure function.

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