5 of the Most Spine-Chilling Destinations in the World (3 Are Right Here in America)


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Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just want to get a taste of the otherworldly, there’s a creepy corner of the world waiting for you. Here’s your ultimate guide to budget-friendly, hair-raising destinations that’ll give you all the frights without the expensive flights!

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1. Ancient Ram Inn (Gloucestershire, England)

This is the UK’s most haunted inn! From its murderous past to its nine-ghost room, it’s not for the faint-hearted.
Getting there: An hour’s drive from Bristol or Birmingham Airport. Stay at a local room share for a haunted view.

Now you know where to go for thrills and chills without the spills (from your wallet, that is). So, pack your bags and maybe some sage, and get ready for a haunted adventure!

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2. Aokigahara Forest (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan)

Aokigahara offers what feels like complete isolation with its dense tree canopy. Legends claim vengeful spirits lure the depressed off paths, so stick to the trails. 

Getting there: Fly into Tokyo. It’s an hour-and-30-minute drive to the forest. Avoid surprise fees by using a no-foreign-transaction-fee credit card.

Image Credit: Soumen Maity / Pexels.

3. Shades of Death Road (Warren County, New Jersey)

This twisted, seven-mile stretch has it all: haunted lakes, vanishing trucks, and legends galore. Want more chills? Check out the abandoned stable at the end of Lenape Lane! Getting there: An hour from Lehigh Valley International Airport, you can set up camp in Jenny Jump State Forest. Save on gas with a cash-back credit card.

Image Credit: Daniel Case / Wikimedia Commons.

4. Shanghai Tunnels (Portland, Oregon)

Once the most dangerous port city in the U.S., Portland’s eerie underground Shanghai Tunnels are a must-see. Legend has it, people were kidnapped from local bars and forced to work on ships. Nowadays, tours let you explore these haunted tunnels, just beware of lingering spirits! Getting there: Fly into Portland International Airport and grab a hotel nearby. Use a rideshare service to reach the tunnels — no worries, they’ve got a strict “no kidnapping” policy.

Image Credit: Chase Elliott Clark / Flickr.

5. The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado)

Stephen King’s inspo for “The Shining,” this place is not just about Room 217. From ghostly kids to musical specters, it’s a paranormal playground. Getting there: A short drive from Denver, there’s budget-friendly camping near Rocky Mountain National Park. Book rooms early for the Shining Ball or Halloween Masquerade.

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Image Credit: paurian / Flickr.