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James Bond actors come and go, but villains are forever. They linger with us even when James Bond actors are forgotten (sorry George Lazenby) and for most people, the villain is the marker used to remember the movie itself.

But with 25 movies, not every villain really worth anybody’s time. Who sticks out? Who were their henchmen? In no particular order, here are seven of our favorite James Bond villains.  

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Movie: “Goldfinger”

Henchman: Oddjob

It wouldn’t be a Bond villain roundup without Goldfinger. His big, ruthless kill is infamous by now: He hits Jill Masterson with “skin suffocation” by covering her entire body in gold paint. Which, by the way, wouldn’t actually kill somebody.

As for Oddjob? The man has a razor-sharp bowler hat that he throws with precision that you would not believe. I love this guy. He should have looked into a disc golf career; a lot less death-by-electrocution in that one. 

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Alec Trevelyan

Movie: “Goldeneye”

Henchman: Xenia Onatopp

What a pair, Alec and Xenia. Alec’s a former agent turned rogue, now running a crime syndicate. Xenia loves to crush men to death with her thighs, which is something people can apparently do. Together, they’re trying to cause a financial meltdown in London. Sounds like the plot of a romantic comedy, right?

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Le Chiffre

Movie: “Casino Royale”

Henchmen: Money

Le Chiffre is a poker-playing banker, so his henchmen are basically just dollar bills in this one. Major representation for people with asthma though, eh? My man is absolutely stuntin’ on James Bond with that inhaler. Everything Le Chiffre does in this movie is a flex. He’s just sitting there, crying blood, beating people at cards, and ripping on his inhaler. And of course, whipping Bond’s undercarriage with a rope in one of the most memorable villain moments the series has had.

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Dr. No

Movie: “Dr. No”

Henchmen: The Three Blind Mice

It seems strange Dr. No’s hands were the only part of his body that was affected by his major nuclear radiation accident, but here we are. Some people might opt for a replacement that looks like hands from this planet, but Dr. No instead opted for weird, metal black gloves that could not be more obviously fake. To each their own.

Along with The Three Blind mice (your typical band of adorably named Jamaican assassins) Dr. No spends most of his time working on a gigantic laser beam, which is some prime-time villain behavior.

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Mr. Big

Movie: “Live and Let Die”

Henchmen: Tee Hee & Baron Samedi

Mr. Big, AKA Dr. Kanaga, is an alright villain (your typical, run-of-the-mill drug lord), but it’s his henchmen that shine. We’ll keep the metal body part theme going with Tee Hee, whose arm was bitten off by a croc named Albert (really) and replaced with a metal one. 

Baron Samedi, his voodoo accomplice, doesn’t even really interact with Bond too many times in this joint, though Bond kills him twice. Twice! And he just keeps coming back. This guy is an actual voodoo magician. It’s gonna be hard for other villains to outdo legitimate magic.

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Dominic Greene

Movie: “Quantum of Solace”

Henchman: General Medrano

There are some terrific action sequences in “Quantum of Solace” but there’s no world where Dominic Green and his associates in the Bolivian government really deserve to be on this list. Yet, he’s too much of a hateable little bug-eyed worm to leave out. Plus, he drowns Strawberry Fields (truly the character’s name) in a big thing of oil. That’s the definition of hardcore.

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Karl Stromberg

Movie: “The Spy Who Loved Me”

Henchman: Jaws

These two are so wacky, I just can’t get enough of them. Stromberg, of course, is out here trying to create a brand new underwater civilization to rule over like Poseidon or something, which is a lofty goal to say the least. Jaws, my all-time favorite henchman, has enormous metal teeth. 

Metal. Teeth. Are you kidding me with this guy? Seven feet tall. He bites through locks, bites people to death, even bites through James’ car. That’s a formidable foe right there. 

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